Am I Too Old to Prep?

Am I Too Old to Prep?

One of Prepography‘s readers recently asked “am I too old to prep?”

Before we answer this question let’s consider that maybe it’s better to think of preparedness as a multi-generational journey…the Matriarch or Patriarch takes the lead until they can’t anymore and then they pass the preparedness leadership (Chain of Command) on to the next generation.  Preparedness efforts are most effective when they are group, especially family efforts.

This same concept applies if you are new to preparedness.  If you are unable to lead your family’s efforts due to age or circumstance… hold a family meeting and choose another to lead the efforts… then help your family and the preparedness leader in every way you can.  To return to our ‘journey’ metaphor…you may no longer be driving the bus, but you are along for the ride and can contribute immeasurably to your family’s preparedness in other ways.

Because you are a seasoned citizen you have a lifetime of resources available to help your family’s efforts.  Consider your resources and contribute appropriately.  Some of the resources you may be able to contribute are:

  • Awareness:  Younger family members may be so busy with work and raising their kids that they haven’t woken up to the fragility of the current system
  • Knowledge & Experience:  You have a (longer) lifetime of knowledge and experience that you can contribute
  • Skills:  You’ve developed skills that may be in short supply with younger generations.  Consider the skills you’ve developed and how they can be utilized for family preparedness.  For instance, if your skills are in accounting maybe you become the family logistician, keeping track of preparedness goals and inventory.
  • Time:  You may have more time to conduct research than younger family members
  • Shelter:  Maybe your place is the easiest to stock up and secure.  Maybe you own a vacation home that would make a good bug out location.
  • Financial:  You may have financial resources that other family members lack.

Special Note for Multi-State Family Situations:  Decide ahead of time as a family what events will trigger an ‘extended visit back home’ or a ‘family consolidation.’  You are better off getting the family together 10 days too early than 10 seconds too late.

When we consider the reader’s question in these terms then the answer becomes simple…you’re never too old and it’s never too late to start prepping.

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