Ammo Can Grill

Ammo Can Grill

Prepography reader MG recently gave us one more use for the multi-talented ammo can (see Fan of the Can, Top 10 Uses)…an Ammo Can Grill.  I can think of a number of preparedness and recreational uses for this little baby.

Components of the Ammo Can Grill:

  • One Ammo Can (.50 Cal/5.56mm)
  • One Can High Heat Spray Paint
  • Two pieces of grill top
  •  Two tent stakes or heavy wire
Ammo Can Grill Parts

Ammo Can Grill Parts

Steps to make the Ammo Can Grill:

  1. Wash and dry the Ammo Can to remove any residue and prep for painting.
  2. Drill four holes, two on each size to match the diameter of your tent stakes.  Drill the holes close enough to the top of the Ammo Can that the lips on the lid cover the holes when the Ammo Can is closed.  Holes should be located 1-2 inches from the outside of the Ammo Can in parellel so that when the stakes are placed through the holes they’ll hold up the grill top.
  3. Paint the outside of the Ammo Can and lid with your high heat spray paint.
  4.  Cut the grill top to be just slightly smaller than the interior dimensions of the Ammo Can.  This is easily the hardest part of the project and you may want to farm this work out to a buddy that owns the proper tools.  MG used a grinder to create his first two Ammo Can Grills but plans on having a machine shop cut the grill tops if he makes any more.
  5. Gather all your parts, throw them in the Ammo Can Grill, shut the lid and you’re done.  You may want to add some matches, a lighter, a fork or spatula, some tinder or kindling, or candles to the Ammo Can Grill before you close it up.

Caution:  MG says to ‘seasoned’ the Ammo Can Grill by firing it up for at least an hour before using it with food… to burn off any remaining residue.

Using your Ammo Can Grill:

  1. Completely remove lid from your Ammo Can Grill.  The lid will come completely off if you open it all the way and then apply slight sideways pressure…it only works in one direction so if it doesn’t pop off easily…try the other direction.
  2. Remove all contents from your Ammo Can Grill
  3. Select four to six similar sized rocks into the bottom of the Ammo Can Grill.  Adjust the height of the bottom grill to match the fuel you are using.
  4. Place one grill on top of the rocks (this grill allows air to circulate around and under the fuel)
  5. Add charcoal, tinder and wood, an emergency candle or even Trioxane Heating Fuel Bars or Esbit Fuel Cubes and light your fire.  If you use fuel bars or cubes you can set the fuel in or on an empty can to keep it from falling through the grill.
  6. Slide the two tent stakes through the holes and place the remaining grill top onto your Ammo Can Grill
  7. Add your dinner to the grill and let mouth begin to water.
Ammo Can Grill

Ammo Can Grill

The Ammo Can Grill isn’t waterproof because of the holes under the lid flanges but it’s pretty water resistant unless submerged.  The Ammo Can Grill isn’t suitable for a bug out bag, but it would be a great addition to a bug out vehicle, tail gate party or car camping when there are fire advisories out.

Caution:  Take care when handling fire and metal that’s been heated by fire… and don’t pack your Ammo Can Grill back up or put it away until it’s had adequate time to cool off.

Ammo Can Grill

Ammo Can Grill with Parts Stowed Away


MG is thinking about producing a line of these Ammo Can Grills…I’ll let you know if he goes into production…but not until after he sells me enough to take care of the preppers and outdoorsmen on my Christmas list!

Thanks MG for the gift of the Ammo Can Grill!  I can’t wait to try it out this weekend!

















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