Ammo Saver Pouches

Ammo Saver Pouches

Prepography reader KAW71 was kind enough to share the following preparedness tip with our readers…Ammo Saver Pouches.

I have started packaging ammo in magazine quantities in food saver pouches. I think it is useful for several reasons.

1. Ammo is protected from the elements.

2. There is no wasted space in the packaging because it is basically shrink wrapped. Sometimes there is a lot of air in the original ammo boxes that takes up valuable space.

3. Ammo Storage BagYou do not have loose rounds banging into each other in a pack or pocket making noise.

4. You only have to open a pouch when you need to reload a magazine and have nothing left over in partial boxes to take up space, make noise or be exposed to the elements.

I can’t imaging someone else hasn’t already thought of this, but everyone I have told about it thinks it is a great idea.

Thanks to KAW71 for sharing this idea and picture with us.  I’m still partial to ammo boxes for storing ammunition around the house or homestead…but I think that this is the perfect solution for storing extra ammunition quietly and with economy of space in a bug out bag…just don’t forget to keep your magazines full!  Looks like KAW71 is packaging a magazine’s worth in each bag…what a great idea!

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4 Responses to “Ammo Saver Pouches”

  1. loren says:

    my community has be doing this for over 3 years. yes it is a great idea.

  2. John R says:

    You could take this one step further and put the ammo on stripper clips. Not all magazines will take stripper clips but for those that do, it will speed the loading of empty magazines.

  3. The Prepper says:

    That is a cool idea. I agree it would work best for bug out bag storage. Could also be interesting to use for barter in a collapse situation too. Pre-made and easy to trade/sell.

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