Andrew J. Jackson – About Me

Andrew J. Jackson – About Me

My name is Andrew J. Jackson and I’m a married father and entrepreneur working as a risk manager from a small town in America’s heartland.  I have over three decades of military experience beginning with an active duty stint as an 11B (Infantryman) in the 82nd Airborne Division and finished my career as a field grade Military Intelligence Officer in the Army Reserves.  I’m also a Command & General Staff School Graduate which is now known by the hideous moniker…”Intermediate Level Education.”

I built my first cache at age 12 and have had an interest in survival and preparedness for as long as I can remember.  I believe that self-reliance is a journey, not a destination.

I approach the study of preparedness, risk, enemy capabilities, economics, politics, the rise and fall of civilizations and just about everything else from a systems perspective.

I have traveled on four continents, experienced and studied failing and failed states… and in case you were wondering I have changed a diaper, planned an invasion (part of one anyway), butchered game, conned a boat (but not a ship), designed a building, written a sonnet, balanced accounts (not my favorite activity), built a wall, comforted the dying, taken orders, given orders, cooperated, acted alone, solved equations, analyzed quite a few new problems, pitched manure, programmed a computer (TRS-80 counts…right), cooked many a tasty meal and fought efficiently.  Kudos to fellow Midwesterner Robert Heinlein but I have yet to set a bone and hope never to be forced to die gallantly.  I am a generalist.

As I frequently comment on political and social issues…here’s fair warning.  I am fiscally conservative, socially liberal (in the classical sense of live & let live as opposed to the modern usurpation by socialists) and feel that the government that governs least…governs best.  All political commentary on U.S. domestic policy/government should be accepted in the manner that it is presented…as comments from the loyal opposition…no matter which party is in power.

Note:  As a federal officer sworn to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” and one who’s witnessed the outcome of ‘successful’ revolutions and power transfers…I take great exception to some of my fellow preparedness and/or libertarian writers, few of which have actually been to war, who seem to entertain the possibility of a more forceful mechanism than political change.  The only revolution the U.S. is in need of is a revolution of ideas… an academic and cultural return to common sense and a shared understanding of our core values… namely the value of each individual having the liberty to pursue a life of fulfillment free from the meddling of others.  We have undoubtedly strayed from that ideal, but no further than we have in the past, particularly during FDR’s administration and we have always found our way, at least somewhat… back to the ideals that our great nation was founded upon.  Have faith in those of us who have taken the oath and fight the good fight…just do it politically, academically and culturally…anything else leads to folly.

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