Andrew’s Note September 2012

A Few Site Notes from Andrew:

I just noticed that Prepography made the Survival Top 50 Website…on the runner up page…#139… not bad for a 3 month old website!  This recognition is thanks to my many readers and if a few of you could go over to the site’s voting page for Prepography and rate our site we can spread the word even further!  Remember the more prepared your neighbor is the more prepared you are (and the less of a threat he/she is).

If you’re not getting Prepography delivered to you each day we have two options on the top left side of this page.  You can have your daily or weekly serving of Prepography delivered by e-mail or sign up for our RSS feed.

Some articles we’re currently working on for your prepucation and enjoyment:  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Dependence 2.0 by Roger Reality and the final article in our Why Prep series, and a series on firearms from interview I recently conducted with an old friend who I hope my readers get to know much better over the next few years…my personal firearms instructor.

Have a Prep Tip for Prepography‘s readers…use the “Submit a Tip” button at the top right side of this page to share.

I’m working on a long term article on secret prep places and would love to include some readers pictures.  If you’re willing to share pictures of your hidden rooms, hidden compartments, camouflaged gun safes and the like please contact me and I’ll provide you my e-mail address.  Needless to say, no identifying information will be published or retained…but I’ll recognize any contributor who requests it by their chosen ‘handle.’

A note on Cabela’s:  Cabela’s recently pulled their ads with Prepography and most other online publishers until they figure out how to deal with California’s onerous new sales tax laws.  Essentially California is requiring online merchants with any presence in the state to collect sales tax down to the county, city, ambulance and fire district level on every transaction.  As you can imagine, knowing what the proper amount to collect on each transaction and how to remit it to the appropriate taxing authority would be a nightmare so Cabela’s is reeling in their advertising until they have a handle on this new legislative environment.  Watch your state and local governments as they follow suit and/or institute ‘use’ taxes…Governments have gone wild, so they’re going broke, so we’re seeing many innovative new tax schemes.


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