Another Bad Idea From Chicago – Retrofitting All Guns with GPS

Yet another bad idea from Chicago…

GPS Gun TrackingA South Side alderman is asking for City Council hearings on an unorthodox gun control measure that would allow for GPS tracking of firearms…Willie Cochran (20th), a former police officer, has suggested that global positioning system chips be embedded in new guns, and retrofitted on existing firearms, so they could be located if they go missing.

…Cochran has introduced a resolution asking the Committee on Public Safety to hold hearings to receive testimony on the matter. A Massachusetts state senator from Boston has been pushing a similar measure in that state.

Cochran acknowledged it might be expensive to install GPS chips on current and future firearms, but not as expensive as the cost of gun violence to society.

As for the privacy of gun owners who could be tracked with the GPS chips in their guns, Cochran said, “safety is … a much more important issue than is privacy.”

via Alderman Suggests Requiring GPS Devices On All Guns « CBS Chicago

Why are so many government officials enamored with the idea of the rest of us trading in our privacy, self reliance and ability to defend ourselves for a false perception of safety?  Are they tyrants in waiting, stupid or something else?  Please, not another bad idea from Chicago!


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