Aquaponics Infographic

Aquaponics Infographic

Last summer I ran my own aquaponics system for the first time.  I found that the vegetables within the system grew three times faster than the vegetables from the same seed packs grown outside the system as a control group.  While I didn’t put my system into operation this year because of our move I’m still fascinated by this agricultural growing method and intend on employing aquaponic principals at The Hermitage in future growing seasons…maybe even within an earthship inspired greenhouse.  I came across this great Aquaponics Infographic at Open Source Aquaponics.

This infographic does a great job explaining how aquaponics works.  The system I built used an IBC Tote that had previously held soybean oil and featured a growbed that also served as the flood tank.

Aquaponics Infographic

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  1. dailygives says:

    Hi, I also built my systems with IBC Tote, but I screwed up a few times cutting it. I first started with a fish tank and simple trey and then graduated to a 4 ibc tote system. I wish I could post a picture of my first set up..


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