Arbeit Macht Frei and the Permanent Sequester

Arbeit Macht Frei and the Permanent Sequester

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present a commentary and warning by Roger Reality that was inspired by a recent Fox News article on entitlement reform and the sideshow we call the ‘Sequester.’  Here’s Arbeit Macht Frei and the Permanent Sequester…

The Socialist Agenda is succeeding where Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Communists of the USSR, China, and elsewhere failed…that is in destroying the United States!!  Loathsome self-interest by politicians and those they pander to has pushed us off the edge and there are diminishing hopes for a “miracle” to prevent the catastrophic financial implosion that is now just a few years away.  The Socialists WILL NOT turn on those who put them into power and will keep them there… namely the sizable proportion of the population that survives off labors of others in the form of government handouts.  Moderate “reforms” cannot prevent this, just as getting less drunk doesn’t cure an alcoholic!

Wake up your family!  Wake up your friends!  Wake up your neighbors!  There will be nothing left to receive from the governments (federal, state and local) if we don’t reverse this course.  There will be nothing left for either our parasitic fellow citizens nor our hardworking friends and neighbors that rely on true government provided essential services like national defense, a functioning judicial system, a transportation system, civil authority and police protection…not to mention that Social Security you’ve been contributing to your entire working life.

Arbeit Macht FreiParks are closing. Government workers are being furloughed. The Department of Defense is issuing warnings about compromised military readiness. The Department of Homeland Security is making similar claims about border security.

Everywhere you look there is talk about the consequences of the recently imposed automatic federal spending cuts. Although most of these are really cuts in the Washington sense of the word—a slower rate of spending increase—sequestration is designed to make deficit reduction choices on auto pilot when federal lawmakers are unable to make them in real life.

The effected programs are being squeezed because mandatory spending on entitlements was largely taken off the table. This resulted in bigger cuts in everything from military spending to transportation infrastructure investments to national parks. But the sad fact is that this is the fiscal path the country was already embarking upon, with sequestration being just one small part of the problem.Reforming entitlements before it’s too late would keep Americans from living in a permanent state of sequestration.

That’s because as the Baby Boomers retire, entitlement spending and interest payments will gobble up the entire federal budget, leaving little room for anything else.

Ten years from now, automatically growing programs like Social Security and Medicare will make up 62 percent of annual spending. The Pentagon budget will be just 12 percent. We’re just seven years away from interest payments on the national debt outpacing defense.

According to an estimate by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, interest payments and entitlements will consume the entire federal budget by 2025. That means no funds left over for the programs hit by sequestration without substantial additional borrowing…

via Without entitlement reform, America could experience a permanent sequester | Fox News

The transition won’t be pretty as more and more people demand an ever increasing proportion of the labors of those of us still willing to work, produce and pay taxes (if you don’t think taxes affect behavior then look at recent French history).  The only option is to prepare now to sustain yourself and those that you care about on your own terms.  To borrow a phrase from another socialist society, ‘Arbeit Macht Frei‘…let’s just hope it’s not a broken promise again this time around.

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