Arbeit Macht Frei and the Permanent Sequester

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present a commentary and warning by Roger Reality that was inspired by a recent Fox News article on entitlement reform and the sideshow we call the ‘Sequester.’  Here’s Arbeit Macht Frei and the Permanent Sequester…

The Socialist Agenda is succeeding where Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Communists of the USSR, China, and elsewhere failed…that is in destroying the United States!!  Loathsome self-interest by politicians and those they pander to has pushed us off the edge and there are diminishing hopes for a “miracle” to prevent the catastrophic financial implosion that is now just a few years away.  The Socialists WILL NOT turn on those who put them into power and will keep them there… namely the sizable proportion of the population that survives off labors of others in the form of government handouts.  Moderate “reforms” cannot prevent this, just as getting less drunk doesn’t cure an alcoholic!

Wake up your family!  Wake up your friends!  Wake up your neighbors!  There will be nothing left to receive from the governments (federal, state and local) if we don’t reverse this course.  There will be nothing left for either our parasitic fellow citizens nor our hardworking friends and neighbors that rely on true government provided essential services like national defense, a functioning judicial system, a transportation system, civil authority and police protection…not to mention that Social Security you’ve been contributing to your entire working life.


REALITY CHECK Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present another commentary in Roger’s REALITY CHECK series.  This time Roger takes on the current frenzy over Presidential Candidate’s Mitt Romney’s recently released comments regarding The 47%.  Enjoy your REALITY CHECK, Preparing for Class Warfare – Battling the 47th Entitlement Corps!

This is not a political website!  [AJJ’s Note:  Maybe a little bit when it comes to assaults on Individual Liberty]  Its purpose is to educate, communicate and facilitate the process of personal preparation for disaster and build self-reliance.  However, one of the highest probability and greatest threats likely to cause The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) comes directly from the political realm!  I have discussed taxation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Dependence, and the national debt-saster, in previous posts.  I, like a sizable majority of Americans, feel the country is “headed in the wrong direction” and that is a direct result of the actions and inactions of politicians.  Thus, I will Reality Check various partisan political topics from time to time.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been sodomized for committing the politically mortal sin of telling the truth during a private political event in which he stated that he felt 47% of Americans would be disinclined to support him because they pay no federal income taxes and/or receive a federal stipend of some kind under the current administration. Romney had the temerity to openly and accurately discuss the taxation and dependency realities of our country!!  He then had the gall to stand by his statements and beliefs rather than blubber about how he didn’t mean it and feels horrible about it!!  No one, expects his “honesty attack” to catch on with other politicians and, in fact, this condition is likely to prove terminal for him.  What it has done is to provide counter-battery fire, a return salvo, to the drooling mutants making up the Occupy Movement and their successful ‘1%’ attack. (more…)

REALITY CHECK Preparing For The National Debt-saster

As you have probably read in the mainstream media or noticed in the left column of this website, the U.S. National Debt has now surpassed $16,000,000,000,000!!  Yes, that’s 16 TRILLION dollars, 16 followed by 12 zeros!!  The number itself is staggering but the collective “shrug” of the populace concerning this outrageous profligacy is appalling and indicative of two things.  First, it demonstrates how utterly incapable a very sizable majority of the populace is with fundamental mathematical and economic principles.  Second, it emblazons the entitlement mentality across the sky in astronomical proportions!

A million seconds is 13 days.

A billion seconds is 31 years.

A trillion seconds is 31,688 years.

via Million, Billion, Trillion.

My conversations with a wide variety of people concerning federal spending make it abundantly and infuriatingly clear how pathetically inept people are with rudimentary mathematical concepts such as (gasp!) multiplication and exponents.  Far too many “citizens” and “voters” the seem to think that the primary difference between a million, billion and trillion is merely a spelling issue involving the letters ‘M’, ‘B’, and ‘T’.  There is little comprehension; much less appreciation, for the Reality of the thousand times each is multiplied to change that one little letter!  Most people can grasp the impact that winning ‘The Lottery’ (Definition:  a self imposed tax operating as a long-odds gambling scheme disguised as a ‘game’ to the “math challenged with the odds of winning roughly equivalent to the odds of being struck by a meteor) would have on their lives.  However, very few comprehend that 16 BILLION equals 1,000 winners of such a jackpot.  Assuming a two week cycle to reach a 16 million plus jackpot it would take ~40 years to have 1,000 jackpot winners in any game and pay out 16 billion.  For our hypothetical winners to collectively win 16 Trillion dollars the game would have to go on for an additional ~40,000 years.  This is just one way of trying to conceive of the number representing our current national debt.  These are numbers that the “average voter” cannot comprehend and therefore has little concern about. (more…)

Let The Government Handle Your Preparedness?

Hurricane Isaac Hitting LouisianaWhy isn’t it wise to trust the gov to do all the prepping for you?
Because after spending at least $10 BILLION (yeah with a B!) to restore and upgrade the levees in and around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the next “average” hurricane to come along overtops a levee and causes major flooding!  Aside from the sad and infuriating irony of that, it points out that we STILL have to be prepared for emergencies as individuals!

REALITH CHECK Recognize the Potentialities & Begin the Preparedness Process!

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present another article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  This discusses the need to recognize the potentialities and begin the preparedness process.  Enjoy.

Prepping begins with recognition, recognition of potentialities.  A person begins prepping by transitioning from that “light bulb moment” (recognition) into a preparedness process.  The preparedness process then begins with a decision to prepare oneself and family for some of those potentialities within the limits of reality.  The reality is that we will NEVER achieve complete preparation!  Preparedness is, as I said, a process and as such is a continuous and evolving endeavor.

PerilsThe process involves certain “steps” and there is no perfect solution but generally includes recognizing the need, deciding to prepare for probable “threats”,  obtaining information regarding both the threats and the preparations necessary to address them, analyzing your capabilities and limitations (this will be a whole article in the near future), acquiring knowledge, acquiring training, and FINALLY acquiring resources that enable the application of the aforementioned analysis, knowledge and training.  I affiliate myself with because it recognizes that prepping is NOT about finding an excuse to spend way too much money at the gun show and Sams Club!  It is first and foremost an intellectual endeavor that requires a mindset of calculated, prudent and total preparation for events that WILL tax our abilities, resolve and resources in ways somewhere along the spectrum from inconvenient to savage survival.


REALITY CHECK Welfare and the Hierarchy of Dependence

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present another article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  This article expands on Roger’s concept of “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependence and deals with the current political dialog about ‘welfare’ and ‘welfare reform.’  Stay tuned to for future articles where we expand the discussion of the Hierarchy of Dependency to include ‘corporate welfare’ as well as other wealth redistribution schemes.  Enjoy.

"Maslow's" Hierarchy of Dependence with fill backgroundThere has been a quick and heated eruption of vitriol between President Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, concerning “welfare reform”.  Obama, the Democrats, and many others trumpet the “success” of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 claiming that those on “welfare” have been reduced by two-thirds and spending reduced by half.  These figures are accurate BUT apply to only a single “program” that was and is considered “welfare” by the Communists/Socialists/Collectivists/Obamaists.  Spending on what was called Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) was $22.4 BILLION in 1996 and was renamed Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) which cost taxpayers a mere $9.6 BILLION in 2011.  The Reality is that this does not begin to demonstrate the actual level of “welfare” in this country!  Welfare is and always will coercively extract money from some and give it to others in some form or another.  Hence, the Heritage Foundation identifies 69 separate Federal “programs” that do exactly that at an unimaginable cost of $695 BILLION in 2011.  The most bloated of these welfare programs were the cornerstone of “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependence, Food Stamps, and Medicaid, with 46.5 MILLION and 52.6 MILLION “participants”, as they are carefully called by the bureaucrats and media.  Their “participation” consists of using money forcibly extracted from others.  There can be little doubt that when it comes to spending other people’s hard earned money, these are VERY willing and eager “participants” indeed!  So when you next hear or read some posturing windbag talk about “welfare reform” and how much “spending is down” please recognize that the Reality is what they classify as welfare and are talking about constitutes slightly more than ONE PERCENT (.013) of the gargantuan SPENDING on those “programs” that make up Real welfare!!

That’s your Reality Check!!


REALITY CHECK The “Farm Bill” as Cornerstone to “Maslow’s” Hierarchy of Dependency

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present the third article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  Enjoy.

There has been a great deal more attention paid to the so-called “Farm Bill” this year because of the historic drought currently plaguing two-thirds of the nation. The urge and actual need to “help the farmers” is what the moniker promises but what it has and will deliver is quite simply the single most destructive element to self reliance, self respect and success in the litany of Socialist programs whose design and implementation create dependency.  Just as famed psychologist Abraham Maslow described all human needs in a hierarchy that necessitated each building upon the preceding “level”, so to has the United States created a Hierarchy of Dependency in which each insidious “level” further and further corrodes self reliance, independence, liberty, competence and success.

The “Farm Bill” is actually an omnibus federal spending bill passed every 5 years to address numerous aspects of the US Department of Agriculture’s mission, including agricultural research, farm credit, crop insurance, conservation, commodity support, etc.  The current bill is actually called the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 and was budgeted at $288 BILLION.  The bill currently being considered and already passed by the Senate is called euphemistically, the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012.  It has a staggering price tag of $969 BILLION or roughly one TRILLION dollars over its life!!   (more…)

REALITY CHECK The Government Didn’t Build That Either!

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to present the second article in a periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  Enjoy.

President Obama has been actively and correctly bludgeoned for his passionate, bold and philosophically accurate (for him) statement in Roanoke, VA claiming that businesses are not built by those that start, own, manage, build, expand, sell and/or fail at them but rather by “somebody else”, by which the President meant, in context, the government.  This claim is truly and staunchly held by the President and virtually all other Socialists, Communists, Collectivists, and the various in-bred philosophies that they have spawned.  At their core, these philosophies are fixated on a massive, bloated, inept “governmental apparatus” collecting from its subjects (money, liberty, self-reliance, guns, etc.); monitoring its subjects (speech, religious views, electrical consumption, carbon footprints, “inappropriate” political views, medical care, etc.); and dictating to its subjects (how much and to whom “charity” is provided, the property you can own, who provides medical care, and many thousands of other aspects of life through laws, regulations, and policies designed to give Government control over virtually every facet of life).  I will defer an examination of that Reality for a future column but it is germane to grasp how automatically and convulsively President Obama extolled his belief that government, not business owners, not “hardworking people” as he called them “built that”.

What surprises, baffles, and angers me about the fierce media debate and advertising melee that ensued is that no one that I have seen or heard has properly framed the actual fatal flaw in Mr. Obama’s statement and thus logic!!  Mr. Obama’s claim is as ludicrous as it is disrespectful!  The traditional media have utterly and probably intentionally missed the point!!  The Reality is that even the “roads and bridges” that the Obama Administration and campaign ultimately pointed to in order to explain the President’s comments WERE NOT BUILT BY THE GOVERNMENT!!


REALITY CHECK Taxation By The Numbers

Note from Andrew:  Today I’m pleased to introduce you to a new periodic column by my friend Roger Reality.  Roger has been a key mentor in my life particularly with regard to critical thinking and analysis, and as you will see…he speaks with passion.  Enjoy.

I have become increasingly irate at the insanely skewed tax code in this country.  The more that I have researched the situation and discovered the facts the greater has become my ire with a “system” that is so patently unfair that it is almost difficult to believe!

Please take a close look at the facts as assembled and organized by the great folks at the nonpartisan Tax Foundation from the raw data available from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

For tax year 2006, the last year for which complete data is available, there were exactly 133,208,934 federal individual tax returns filed.  That means the bottom 50% of filers constitute 66,604,467, roughly 67 million filers.  So exactly how much of the federal government’s income tax revenue does the bottom 50%, those 67 MILLION “taxpayers”, put into the pot??  How about a mere 3.11%!!  So does that sound “fair” to you?  It does to a lot of people, particularly those in that 50% and those who pander to them.  But before you decide, let’s look at some more numbers.

  • The top 1% of tax filers (81,943 individual filers) in Florida paid a total of 3.308% of the NATION’s tax burden
  • The top 1% of tax filers (97,174 individual filers) in Texas paid a total of 3.197% of the NATION’s tax burden
  • The top 1% of tax filers (85,314 individual filers) in New York paid a total of 4.097% of the NATION’s tax burden
  • The top 1% of tax filers (150,001 individual filers) in California paid a total of 5.500% of the NATION’s tax burden

So a relative handful of taxpayers in each of four states paid more in taxes than the 67 MILLION did together! (more…)

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