Beatles Tribute Bands and Preparedness

Beatles Tribute Bands and Preparedness

Recently my wife dragged me to a performance by a Beatles Tribute Band.  I’ve never really understood the concept or appeal of tribute bands.  It seems to me the whole reason for being a performer is to create something new or unique.  The idea of a band performing night after night in character…recreating copies of past performances just never made sense to me.  Keep reading to find out what Beatles Tribute Bands and Preparedness have in common. 

Beatles Tribute Band and PreparednessI wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show but found myself actually having fun…then it hit me and I finally understood tribute bands.  Tribute bands implement the plans others have made that have been proven successful.  A tribute band skips the whole, uncertain alchemy of song creation and interpretation.  They even get to skip the step where a band builds rapport with an audience because they operate on the goodwill the original band already created.  A tribute band skips the creation steps and jumps directly to implementation ..they’ve got it easy.

Unfortunately as preppers we’re not as lucky as tribute bands.  We can’t just find a successful plan and mimic the same old song to achieve success.  Individual situations vary just too much.  Initial skill sets, geographical differences, support systems, logistical challenges, physical abilities, family support, anticipated disasters and financial resources all vary too much for us to be able to adopt someone else’s plan.

There are a number of off the shelf preparedness tools on the market and they can be instructive to read, but no prepackaged plan can truly fit your situation.  I’ve looked at some of these preparedness plans and found them to be one or more of the following:

  • Too Simple
  • Too Complex
  • Too Expensive
  • Too Time Intensive
  • Too Bulky (takes too much space)
  • Too High Profile (remember to be a stealth prepper)
  • Too Naïve
  • Too Optimistic
  • Too Pessimistic
  • Too Focused on Stuff
  • Too Focused on an Individual Skill
  • Not Comprehensive Enough
  • Not Properly Paced (too aggressive financially or time intensive)

You may have noticed some changes to the Prepography website recently.  We are in the process of reorganizing parts of our website to coincide with a preparedness planning process that can be used by anyone in any situation.  It’s a cognitive preparedness model that’s adaptable to any situation including yours.  It’s not a plan…but it will provide the outline of one…to return to our music analogy…we’ll provide you with a song, all you have to do is choose the key, adjust the tempo and play.

Check back with Prepography periodically over the next few weeks to learn more about Full Spectrum Preparedness or use the e-mail or RSS tools on the top left of this page to subscribe and never miss an article.

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