Biden on the American Public – Today’s Quote

Biden on the American Public – Today’s Quote

…the vice president indicated that there was a very short timeline for him to get back to the president with his recommendations because the American public has a short memory.

Sheriff Richard Stanek, president of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association paraphrasing Vice President Joe Biden on rushing through gun control legislation via White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings – The Washington Post.

Andrew’s Note:  Reminds me of a quote from another former Administration Official, former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel who said “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”  Incidentally, Chicago’s extremely restrictive firearms laws are being considered by some as a model for the nation…the same city that has a horrendous violent crime problem because gun control only disarms the law abiding.

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