Bug Out Buggy

Bug Out Buggy

I’ve received several e-mails since I started Prepography from mature preppers and preppers with limited mobility asking about bug out options in the case of an Electromagnetic Pulse or Coronal Mass Ejection.  I’ve recommended several different solutions over the years to that offer the ability for even those with limited strength to carry a heavy load over miles of rough terrain but I think I’ve found a better solution…the Bug Out Buggy.

While originally designed for sportsmen and women to carry long guns and equipment to and from the field and called the Gun Buggy by its manufacturer…it would be easily adapted into your own personal 21st century pack mule if necessary to bug out or get home while on foot.

The original specs and product video describe the But Out Buggy as:

  • 2 Gun Capacity (rifle or shotgun)
  • 3 Big, all-terrain bike wheels for stability
  • Folds up for easy transport
  • Light Weight Aluminum Frame
  • Padded Handle
  • Foot break to stop rollaways while parked
  • Plenty of room with pockets and a water bottle holder
  • Set up it’s approximately 45 x 24 x 40 1/2
  • Folded up it’s approximately 38 1/2 x 24 x 23″
  • Weighs 21 lbs., 9 ozs
  • Subdued colors and non-reflective materials

If I was setting this baby up for bugging out or getting home in a situation with little or no rule of law I’d:

  • Gun SleeveAdd a couple of heavy duty weather resistant rifle or shotgun scabbards that would obscure the rifle’s silhouettes but let the weapons slide easily out into my hands.  Make sure to select sleeves that can easily be tied down at multiple locations like the molle versions I’ve linked to (get the olive drab because it’ll blend in better than the black shown in the main picture).
  • Add a grab and go backpack (because I’m still pretty strong and mobile) or a couple of heavy duty waterproof totes that fit nicely onto the buggy’s shelves if I couldn’t carry a backpack.  If I was traveling through bear country I’d make sure my food was in a bearproof container like a carefully cleaned ammo can or purpose built container.
  • Use several bungee cords to strap a waterproof tarp or extra ponch around all the gear to keep out the weather but make sure not to hamper your ability to pull your long guns (add pvc pipe inside the bottom of your long gun scabbards if you need to stiffen them…the barrels will slide right in and not bind on your bungie cords).  The tarp and bungie cords will double as your shelter as we described in Building a Poncho Hooch (skip down to ‘Andrew’s Poncho Hooch’ at the bottom).  Make sure to bungee, poncho and/or tarp colors that blend in with your surroundings.
  • For the remaining contents look back at our Building A Bug Out Bag series and be very selective to make sure that everything you pack is worth the weight.

Finally, give serious thought to what your weight carrying limitations are and carry what you can on your body in case you have to abandon your Bug Out Buggy.

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