Building a Bug Out Bag – Part X, Family & Community Support

Building a Bug Out Bag – Part X, Family & Community Support

In Building a Bug Out Bag Part I we discussed why building a Bug Out Bag is important and what type of bag to select.  In Part II we discussed the Transportation Items to consider, in Part III it was Water preparedness, in Part IV it was Food preparedness, in Part V we tackled Shelter, Clothing and Protection from the elements, in Part VI we considered Communications options, in Part VII we discussed Security Preparedness, in Part VIII we explored Financial & Identity preparedness  and yesterday we in Part IX we discussed Health & Medical considerations for your Bug Out Bag.  Today we’ll discuss Family and Community issues to consider while building a Bug Out Bag.  Remember, this is your last ditch, carry on your back, walk away from trouble Bug Out Bag…not what you hope you can get to your bug out location if your car, SUV, or Oshkosh TPV makes it.

Family & Community SupportFamily and Community Support:

Perhaps the most elusive of the Full Spectrum Preparedness Fundamentals is Family and Community Support because you have to rely on others to be successful…and sometimes the harder you work at it…the harder it becomes.  The Family & Community Support concepts important in Building A Bug Out Bag have more to do with encouraging and supporting your family members and friends while they build their own Bug Out Bag than anything in particular you need while building your Bug Out Bag.  However, while this fundamental doesn’t require much ‘stuff’ there are few items you should consider or pack in your Bug Out Bag based on this Fundamental:

  • Contact Information:  Although we mentioned it while discussing the Communications Fundamental it bears repeating…pack laminated contact information for friends and family in every bag.  Don’t rely on your cellphone or PDA to keep track of contact information…have an ‘analog’ backup.
  • Recent Pictures:   Recent pictures of family members will help you search for each other in case you are separated.  Make sure to store your pictures in zip lock bag or better yet, laminate them.
  • Cards:  At the risk of sounding redundant…pack a pack…of cards.  It’s a great way of killing time and keeping each other calm during down times.  Pack a deck out of that drawer full you have at home (no cost) or buy a deck of Survival Playing Cards if you want an additional reference for no additional weight…a two-fer!
  • Special Items:  Are there any items that are particularly calming or reassuring to a family member…if so, consider packing it.  Think Linus with his blanket from Charlie Brown.  Now if Junior can’t stand to be separated from his 5 lbs pet rock it might be time for some tough love…but if it’s no bother to accommodate someone’s feelings…do.

We’ll continue with Building a Bug Out Bag – Part XI later this week when we’ll wrap up this series and discuss some of my favorite Bug Out Bag options and some items which are commonly recommended for Bug Out Bags that I recommend you avoid.

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