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The only thing better than great prepper stuff is great prepper stuff that’s free!  Here are three Prepper giveaways of interest to all you Preppers and Survivalists out there that you can enter online!

Good luck Preppers!

Best of Prepography – Contributors & Guest Writer’s Edition

Best of Prepography – Contributors & Guest Writer’s Edition

Gone Fishing for a few days.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the daily quotes or one of these fine articles (in no particular order) from our guest writers and columnists.

If you think you have what it takes to be a contributor to Prepography or are an established blogger and are interested in submitting a guest article…drop me a note.


Online Prep Tools & Resources

We’ve added some new tools to the Prepography Online Prep Tools & Resources Page recently…make sure to check it out.

I Am Looking For A Foraging Class

Once again this year I’m looking for a good foraging class being taught in the Midwest.  There are lots of well reviewed foraging classes but I haven’t found any being taught in zones 4-6 with Midwestern plants.  If you’ve heard of or can recommend such a foraging class please drop me a note.

Of course if I hear of any, I’ll let you know.



Popular on Prepography

Prepography reader ParkRGR asked me what the most popular articles on our website have been.  Below is the list of original articles (not including infographics created by others and military manual extracts) in order of popularity (most all time readers).

Merry Christmas 2013


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Preparry Christmas

Hang In There

Just a quick note of thanks to the Prepography readers who have dropped me notes to check on me the past few weeks.  I hate it when my favorite writers apologize when their day jobs reduce the frequency of their online contributions…the day jobs pay the bills and sometimes consume more than the day…so no apologies…

That said, I’m looking forward to being able to get back to my avocation with new articles, several new writers and I have a desk full of products to review in the next week or so.

What have I been doing with my time…

Well in addition to convergence of family obligations (all joyful thank heavens) I’ve taken steps to improve my family’s financial self reliance by purchasing a recession proof, depression resistant (one hopes) business and spent uncountable hours helping my clients comply with ever increasing government mandates.  I’m not sure what’s worse, the increasing percentage of our work product we submit in taxes or the soul-crushing cost of compliance in time lost from more productive activities.

Hang in there…Prepography will be back to its regular publication schedule soon.

Thank You Veterans

Freedom isn’t free…from one veteran to all the others…thank you for your service.

Andrew J. Jackson; Editor, Prepography

Analogy Help Request

Ever been at a loss for an analogy?  I am… so I thought I’d ask my readers for help.  Please help me finish this sentence and send your responses in comments:

Expecting government spending to drive the economy is like…

Thanks in advance for your ideas,

Andrew J. Jackson

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