British Gun Control – One Shot, Six Kills

A British sniper killed six enemy combatants in Afghanistan with a single shot when he hit the trigger switch of a suicide bomber, causing the device to explode.

via British sniper kills 6 Taliban soldiers with 1 bullet | Fox News

Andrew’s Note:  One shot, six kills…now that’s gun control!  I trust that there’s a particularly nasty circle of hell reserved for those that recruit, arm and perpetrate suicide bombings.

Deliverance – Book Review

I have faint memories of watching a movie called Deliverance during my teen years.  I remembered it as a wilderness survival tale starring Burt Reynolds that had one particularly memorable yet unfortunate scene starring Ned Beatty.  Anyone who’s seen the movie will remember that particular scene and if you’ve read the book you can guess which scene I’m describing…I won’t ruin if for those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the book so you can rest assured that there are no major spoilers in this Deliverance book review.

Deliverance Book ReviewI like survival tales so when I noticed an audiobook version of James Dickey’s novel, Deliverance was available and narrated by one of my favorite actors and narrators, Will Patton I bought it without knowing much more about it.  As it turned out, not only is this book the novel on which the screenplay (also written by James Dickey) was based, but it’s also a feature of many of the ‘Top 100 Novels’ lists including Time Magazine’s ‘All Time (since the magazine’s inception in 1923) 100 Novels.’

Deliverance is a first person narrated story of four middle aged friends who head into the backwoods of Georgia to canoe the fictional and savage Cahulawassee River before it disappears forever beneath the waters of the planned Cahulawassee Reservoir.

A series of misadventures eventually leads to the death of one of the canoeists and a local backwoodsman.  What follows is a struggle for survival.  The survival struggle takes multiple forms…it’s the men against the locals, the men against the river and it also takes place between the men and their own natures.  There’s nothing stereotypical about the way the canoeists react to their situation even as they are held captive to their stereotypical views of the local rednecks…this creates a story that doesn’t follow the expected pattern and is refreshingly original.

The main character and narrator, Ed Gentry a manager of a small graphic arts shop with no particular penchant for woodland survival.  He’s joined by his friend Lewis, a survivalist who owns rental properties as well as their buddies Bobby and Drew.  This is a story of perseverance and the will to survive more than a study in survival techniques, but the psychological aspects of survival and the characters’ reactions to suddenly transitioning from the civilized world to a savage one is fascinating to watch unfold.

What I wasn’t expecting when I selected this book was how beautifully and poetically written the story was.  While it was written nearly a half century ago its story and language are nearly timeless (the only features that date the story are a reference to the Kennedy assassination and frequent descriptions of how men wear their hats.  The language itself has an impressionistic, nonlinear quality that is incredibly descriptive and remarkably easy to follow.  Will Patton’s nuanced performance/narration perfectly complements Dickey’s colorful prose.

If you’re looking for one of the most well written psychological survival stories of all time…look no further.  Now I’m going to go watch the 1972 movie version, Deliverance starring Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox!

Choosing a Flashlight For Night Fighting

I was very fortunate to attend one of the Strategoes Low Light Instructor courses while I was employed as a police officer.  That particular Strategoes course was a week long course that trained me to become my department’s trainer and subject matter expert on low light engagements…in other words, night fighting for the police officer.  While I am now retired I’m fortunate to have decades worth of training to fall back on when times are tough and I thought I’d share some of what I learned about choosing a flashlight for night fighting both during that week and through my dual law enforcement and military careers. (more…)

No Flocking Disarmament – Today’s Quote

It becomes apparent at times that some in the Flock do not, or will not differentiate between Sheepdog and Wolves. To the dismay of Sheepdogs and the joy of Wolves, we are equated in the minds of some Sheep. These Sheep loudly proclaim our teeth are the same and wholly devoid of intent or motive. This fear and hatred of teeth and the pain they can cause are seen as the source of suffering within the Flock.

Malevolence becomes the same as Benevolence. The urge to protect becomes no different than the desire for control. Solutions to end the suffering are proposed: the forcible removal of fangs and claws. The Flock becomes divided and Sheep begin to distrust the Sheepdogs in their midst.

As a Sheepdog (and as a trained adviser), I would like to remind the Sheep in this Flock that forcibly removing the teeth of your protectors without eliminating the teeth of your destroyers will ultimately result in a loss of peace and inevitably, the bitter taste of Malevolence.

Also, consider the “How?” behind this plan: we Sheepdogs will not willingly part with the tools of our trade. Few of us would willingly allow Sheep to simply remove the same teeth which defend our Flock, unless forced through the application of violence. Though I do not know any Sheepdogs who would willingly defang their brethren, I can’t think of any Wolves who would not rejoice at the sight of fang-less Sheepdogs.

Only Wolves would willingly enforce such a plan. Woe to any Flock who would knowingly employ Wolves to defang the Sheepdogs. Such a Flock would be cursed to living under fear and ‘power through violence’ will become the new order of the day.

U.S. Army Veteran Blake Miles via Responding to the Wolves | SOFREP

Andrew’s Note:  If you missed the animal references check out Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman’s famous essay On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs.  

Professor Obama on the Second Amendment – Today’s Quote

I don’t believe people should be able to own guns…

Then Professor Barack Obama via Author Quotes Then-Professor Obama Saying, I Dont Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns | CNS News

.223 Isn’t 5.56 – Today’s Quote

Let’s take a look a the .223 Remington/5.56mm, as most ARs are chambered in these calibers. The first thing to know about these two calibers is that they are not the same! I couldn’t tell you the number of gun shop clerks I’ve heard say that they are the same caliber. You can shoot .223 in an AR chambered in 5.56mm, however, you should not shoot a 5.56mm round in a .223 — you are only looking for trouble, as the 5.56mm is more powerful and can create very dangerous chamber pressures.

Pat Cascio via Hunting with the AR-15 | All Outdoor

Andrew’s Note:  This topic has been covered in additional depth by Prepography‘s Infidel in the article…the Difference Between .223 Caliber & 5.56mm but bears repeating until the dangerous myth disappears.

Freedom is Alive and Well – Today’s Quote

There is still a place for freedom that is very much alive and well…  That place is called Texas.

Governor James ‘Rick’ Perry to Firearm Manufacturers Fleeing Anti-Firearm States

A Battle But Not The War – Firearms Freedom

AR-15 Crossed RiflesYesterday those of us who value the right to self defense and believe that an armed public is the best defense against future tyranny won a battle but not the war for firearms freedom.

Although the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the gun control bill from consideration he’s indicated that the President intends to go around Congress (again) and take executive action to limit firearms freedoms.  It must be a terrible burden to bear when you have to resort to executive decree to force regulations on a populace that’s failed to support your schemes willingly.

If you’re a freedom loving citizen then by all means, celebrate this victory…but remember that you’re celebrating the win of a battle, not of a war.  The gun grabbers aren’t giving up, just taking time to reconstitute, resupply, and wait for the next crisis they can exploit.

Coulter on Universal Firearms Registration – Today’s Quote

Everything they’re telling you about what they could do about guns is a lie…  For some reason Wayne LaPierre is not making this point so you’ll have to hear it from me.  Universal background checks means universal registration.  Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination.  That’s how it goes in history.  Do not fall for universal background checks.

Ann Coulter via Universal Background Checks Lead to Confiscation and Extermination | The Gateway Pundit.

Biden’s IQ – Today’s Quote

My friends and I were just shoplifting, and the store owner pulled out a [Vice President] Biden IQ on us for no reason! […Biden’s IQ is street slang for a shotgun that holds only 2 or 3 shells]

dustydog via Alphecca, by Jeff Soyer » Obama’s Campaign Machine Pushes Gun Control.

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