Situational Awareness – An Introduction

How aware are you about your surroundings?  I’ll bet that everyone that reads this will claim that they are very aware of what goes on around them.  Really?  By my very nature (Andrew’s Note:  check out Infidel’s biography) I put everyone on the defense.  Why?  Because I’m very good at getting inside your OODA Loop (observe, orient, decide, and act).  This keeps me on the offensive…keeps me a step ahead of the opposition.  Now… do I do this all the time?  No, because sometimes the body has to mentally relax to recharge the batteries.  You need to know when it’s time to relax and when to maintain heightened situational awareness.

The four levels of awareness that are taught by most personal defense instructors now are the famous ones that originated with LT COL Jeff Cooper, the originator of Gunsite Training Academy.  Cooper’s levels are White, Yellow, Orange and Red.  The goal is to pick the appropriate safety awareness level for your surroundings and situation.  This situational awareness continuum helps you to react accordingly to threats and potential threats to your safety.  A full discussion of this situational awareness model will be discussed at a later time but I mention it here as a brief introduction.

Now, back to our discussion of surroundings…how many of you have observed someone breaking into a car, shoplifting, or actually making a drug deal?


The Outlook for Central and South America

Andrew’s Note: I’ve been watching with interest the developments in Argentina where the Socialist government has imposed price controls in a futile attempt to control inflation created by social (or should I say Socialist) engineering masquerading as economic policy…President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration has now gone so far as to ban advertising.  The arrogance of a government expecting private businesses and individuals (and farmers) to continue to produce when their goods cost more to produce than they are allowed to sell them for defies belief…but it wasn’t so long ago that we tried such schemes as well.  During the Nixon administration we exercised price controls on a national level and some cities still cling to anachronistic rent control schemes.  Luckily we no longer impose price controls on a national level…now we just legislate how much profit private industries can make…Lord save us from misguided but well intended politicians and Socialists…so what’s the more general outlook for Central and South America look like…let’s return to the JOE.

The JOE is our crystal ball…or at least the closest thing that the Department of Defense (DOD) has to it…namely the Joint Operating Environment (JOE) 2010. The JOE is the DOD’s keystone document used to project the world in which it will operate up to 25 years into the future.  As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s a sobering read for the prepper and likely to turn the non-prepper into one.  Read on to learn what the Department of Defense thinks about the outlook for Central and South America:


New Additions to Online Preparedness Tools and Resources

The following online sites have recently been added to Prepography‘s Preparedness Tools and Resources page.  They’re primarily situational awareness resources.  Check out the page for all our Online Preparedness Tools and Resources.  Additionally, feel free to suggest new additions to Online Preparedness Tools and Resources that you think would be of benefit to Prepography‘s subscribers.

  • Radiation Network:  Provides a real-time, geographical representation of environmental radiation levels in the Continental United States (CONUS) overlaid with a map of nuclear sites.  Compare the U.S. map to this map of Radiation in Japan. (more…)

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