Choosing The Right Caliber For Game – Infographic

Today’s Infographic, Choosing The Right Caliber For Game comes to us courtesy of

How to Choose the Right Caliber

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Forty years ago today, Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam fell to communist forces more than a year after the withdrawal of the last U.S. combat troops.  The butcher’s bill from U.S involvement in Vietnam was tremendous and we honor those sacrifices at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Let’s pray that our Nation’s leaders carefully consider our National goals and interests prior to committing combat troops and once combat forces are committed that we keep the politicians out of their way and let our men and women in uniform crush our enemies and win the peace.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Police Codes Infographic

Today’s Police Codes Infographic explains law enforcement communication using 10 Codes, 11 Codes, Code Signals and two alternative phonetic alphabets.  Thanks to for providing the infographic.

Police Codes


Be Prepared For World’s End Infographic

Be Prepared for World's End: A Survival Guide

How To Build A Panic Room Infographic

I built a panic room in our old house and got a lot of use out of it…luckily only as secure, discrete storage and as a tornado shelter…you can build a panic room too and it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the one in the How To Build A Panic Room infographic below:

How To Build A Panic Room Infographic

Top 10 Camping Essentials Infographic

‘ Be prepared!’ isn’t just for Scouts and campers.  The Top 10 Camping Essentials is a good read for Preppers too.

10 Camping Essentials Infographic

Top 10 Fire Starters Infographic has developed a neat infographic on the Top 10 Fire Starters…really ten fire starting techniques and tools that should be combined to cook that food, purify that water or warm up that shelter.

Top 10 Fire Starters Infographic

How To Make Moonshine Infographic

Andrew’s Note:  How To Make Moonshine is a reprint of an infographic we first ran a little over a year ago.  For some inexplicable reason I’ve received a bunch of e-mails lately asking about home distillation and specifically about avoiding methane poisoning and how to legally distill.  I’m no expert having only played with a buddy’s system and enjoyed his production but I’ve added some links in the introduction below for those adventuresome souls who wish to experiment with creating this multi-talented liquid.

Needless to say, fire, pressurized vessels, ATF, State Liquor control, blinding yourself…there are lots more things to know about how to make moonshine than just what’s presented here but this infographic is a nice overview of the process and you really can make your own moonshine safely is it’s legal in your neck of the woods with a little research and experimentation.  Moonshine can be used socially, medicinally, as fuel, for cleaning and for barter.  Looks like the guys that built this How To Make Moonshine infographic aren’t around on the internet anymore…maybe they’re just consumers now. 

Links to Get Started Making Moonshine:

How To Make Moonshine

Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies Infographic

Today we present an infographic tool to help in detecting nutritional deficiencies.  This tool shouldn’t be used in place of seeking adequate health care but might come in handy in the event that routine health care is interrupted for an extended time period.  Learn the symptoms.

Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies

North Star For Navigation Infographic

Today’s infographic from was designed to teach Boy Scouts about Circumpolar Constellations and it’s interesting for anyone who’s gazed at the night-time sky and wondered…but for the Prepper it’s a great primer on finding the North Star for Navigation.  Give it a try the next time you’re out at night…find the North Star and you’ll always know your cardinal directions on a clear night.

Circumpolar Constellations Infographic

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