Wilderness Emergency Infographic

This Wilderness Emergency Infographic from Scoutmastercg.com is as appropriate for Preppers and Prepper activities as it is for the Boy Scouts and I think that it’s appropriate that the Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.”

Wilderness Emergency Infographic

Backpack Selection Infographic

Scoutmastercg.com developed a great backpack selection infographic that would be equally helpful to those of you developing or wanting to improve the fit of your backpack based bug out bag.

Backpack Selection Infographic

Aquaponics Infographic

Last summer I ran my own aquaponics system for the first time.  I found that the vegetables within the system grew three times faster than the vegetables from the same seed packs grown outside the system as a control group.  While I didn’t put my system into operation this year because of our move I’m still fascinated by this agricultural growing method and intend on employing aquaponic principals at The Hermitage in future growing seasons…maybe even within an earthship inspired greenhouse.  I came across this great Aquaponics Infographic at Open Source Aquaponics.

This infographic does a great job explaining how aquaponics works.  The system I built used an IBC Tote that had previously held soybean oil and featured a growbed that also served as the flood tank.

Aquaponics Infographic

Survive The Apocalypse – Infographic


M16 Maintenance Infographic Comic

Long before the term Infographic came into widespread use the military learned the value of using images to teach skills to young recruits.  Many of these manuals, like this M16 Maintenance Infographic (The M16A1 Rifle, Operation & Preventive Maintenance DA Pam 750-30) were written as comic books complete with well endowed women and full on innuendo.  Click on the image below to page through the comic/manual.  This particular example of Military Pedagogy was published in 1969, long before the military became more preoccupied with political correctness than warfighting but it does have some good information even if a few of the tools described are a little dated.  Additionally, check out the list below the graphics for a selection of current AR maintenance tools and supplies… some haven’t changed a lot…some are huge improvements over what we had 45 years ago.

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GI Cleaning Kit:

Better Cleaning Kit:

This is the one I carried in Iraq…

Good Carrying Case:

Armored Carrying Case:


Front Sight Tool:

Rails & Rail Covers:

Armorer’s Tools:

Old School GI Magazine Pouch:

AR15/M16 Speedloader Kit:

Cleaning Supplies:

AR Magazine:
TAPCO® 30-rd. AR-15 Magazine

 Ammunition Suppliers:

What The Heck Is Hugelkulture – Infographic

irrigating garden that I can harvest without crawling around on the ground..in a word, Hugelkulture.

If you haven’t seen Sepp Holzer’s book, Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening and website make sure to check them out.

Hugelkulture Infographic

Explosive Threats Infographics

One of the things that I found really annoying in Iraq was when people tried to blow me up.  It seems that you couldn’t go more than twenty or thirty minutes without hearing or feeling an explosion…except during the call to prayer of course.  There are few experiences more disconcerting than the feeling of a blast wave passing through your body and experiencing that explosive threat.

While I was fortunate enough not to experience any explosions so up close and personal that I caught shrapnel or had my innards scrambled the power of these experiences…both kinetically and emotionally still amazes me.  Few who haven’t experienced the unpleasantness of having another human being try to blow you up can imagine that power but the tables below might give you an idea.  The two types of explosions I hated the most in Iraq were Katyusha Rockets (due to several close encounters) and Dump Truck IED’s due to the unbelievable destructive power they unleashed even when felt from over 5 miles away.  Incidentally, the Katyusha Rockets that were always being fired at us were care of the Iraqi Insurgents but were provided by the Iranian leadership through their Quods Force…remember that the next time the White House wants to cozy up to Iran, let them off the hook and trust that they won’t use the Nukes they’re developing on their neighbors and yours truly!

God forbid that we should have the same explosive hazards and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks in the U.S. that are common in the Middle East but I fear that it’s only a matter of time.

These tables should also serve as a warning to those preppers who feel that playing with explosives and explosive gasses is a good idea…those who do so without professional training and licensing where required will be lucky if the only problems they create for themselves and their families are legal.

Click on each table to see a better quality image.

Safe Evacuation Distances From Explosives

Safe Evacuation Distances LP Bombs

Source:  Risk Management Series, Design Guidance for Shelters and Safe Rooms, FEMA 453 / May 2006

DIY Bug Out Stove – Infographic

There are lots of great little stoves for backpacking or putting in your bug out bag but there aren’t many that will be less expensive than this DIY Bug Out Stove that you can learn how to make with this infographic.  The only potential drawback to these stoves after you add a pot holder (they used nails but I like using coat hanger wire) is the liquid fuel but this is still a great, almost free alternative to the Esbit Pocket Stove.

Know Your Rights – Infographic

The VAST majority of law enforcement officers are Sheepdogs who dedicate their life to protecting the Sheep from the Wolves in our society.  However, there are the occasional Wolves in Sheepdog’s clothing, so in addition to keeping your actions legal, make sure to know your rights.  Today’s infographic is a good reminder and will help you know your rights.


Is Factory Farming Making Us Sick Infographic

Today’s infographic asks an intriguing question…is factory farming making us sick?  The need to feed an ever growing population is bound to lead to some questionable food production choices.  Check out this infographic to learn about a few of these questionable choices…

Food Poisoning: Is Factory Farming Making us Sick?

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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