Cargo Container Home Infographic

Well, it’s official, after weeks of design and discussion, Rachel has put her foot down and refused to build a cargo container house for the Jackson family.  Doesn’t mean that Cargo Container Homes aren’t the neatest habitational upcycle available though!  Check out this Cargo Container Home infographic from Self Storage Finders.  I like the redneck versions better…but the high dollar conversions are interesting too.

Living in Storage Containers

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Water Storage Infographic

Today we’re pleased to present an infographic from Food Insurance on water storage.  This water storage infographic will show you what types of containers are safe to store water in, where you can safely store those water containers and how to treat questionable water sources to improve its safety. (more…)

Biological Attack Infographic

Are we ready for a biological attack or biological terrorism?  That’s the question asked by the infographic we’re featuring today.  Biological weapons are just evil!  There’s also an interesting historical rundown of biological attacks through history included.  Wait until you see what the Spanish did to the French while they were fighting each other in Italy in 1495!

Biological Attack: Are We Ready?

…and yes, they did include some chemical attacks by mistake but I still love this infographic.


Shelf Life Infographic – Food & Electronics

Today we are pleased to present a great Shelf Life Infographic that juxtaposes the shelf life of common food items with the life expectancy of common consumer electronic items that you may remember or still have in a closet somewhere.

…and yes, honey and salt really do last forever…check out out the Food & Electronics Shelf Life Infographic!

Shelf Life

Infographic by marcelod.  Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Apocalyptic Movie Body Count Infographic

What was Hollywood’s take on the Apocalypse in 2013 and the resulting cinemagraphic body count?  Check out this infographic from on nine big budget ‘apocalyptic’ movies…well, really eight and the movie Grown Ups 2 thrown in for some strange reason.  Click on the ‘Read More’ button below to check it out.

Apocalypses Now


What Kind Of Light Bulbs Should I Buy Now Infographic

Andrew’s Note: Now that incandescent lightbulbs are going the way of the dinosaur (did Congress vote them out of existence too?) it’s time to get smart on the alternatives… or stock up on those wonderful, cheap, bright 60-Watt incandescents before they sell out.

LED Vs Halogen Bulb

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


The Preparedness Process Infographic

Andrew’s Note:  I intend to write in more detail on the Preparedness Process in the future but I present this executive summary to provide background for an upcoming series of articles on the role of Prepper Protection in the Preparedness Process.

The Preparedness Process

The TEOTWAWKI Diet Infographic

Rachel has been moving us towards a paleo diet recently and the more I learn about it the more it seems to me that this isn’t just the diet our bodies developed to process during our hunter gatherer past but is also a likely diet post TEOTWAWKI once factory farms are idled and stored foods are exhausted. There are demonstrated health benefits to the paleo diet as well. I love a good infographic and I’ve retitled the infographic below the TEOTWAWKI Diet to get you started thinking about possible ways to augment your storage food and transition to after your food stores are exhausted. The TEOTWAWKI Diet Infographic obviously uses some imported foods but those can be substituted with foods indigenous to your area.

Maybe our food future will look like our food past…check out this infographic from the foodie website, This Miss Bites.

Paleo Diet: A Primitive Solution


Truckers Hitch Infographic


Trucker's Hitch

Andrew’s Note:  I don’t remember how to tie all the knots my father tried to teach me over the years…but I remember how to tie the Trucker’s Hitch and use it regularly.  Thanks Dad!  Today’s Infographic comes to us by way of  Check out their website for lots of preparedness related information…their motto is “be prepared” afterall…

5 Means of Tactical Communications Infographic

5 Means of Tactical CommunicationSource:  This Means of Tactical Communications Infographic is from FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier August 1984, Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Andrew’s Note:  These means of communications are timeless and even hold true to a world a little more basic than one that includes e-mail, fax, text, phone, and high definition television.

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