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Why Prep, Part 2 Historical & Current Examples

Note from Andrew: The complete Why Prep Series has now been consolidated HERE. Last week in Why Prep, the Introduction we briefly discussed the fragility of the status quo and clarified that preparedness is not about getting ready for the ‘end of the world’… it’s about building the skills, resources and resilience to endure the transition periods following dramatic financial, environmental, societal or individual life changes.  If you haven’t read the introduction yet, I recommend that you read it before continuing by clicking on the hyperlink near the start of this paragraph.. Today we’re going to take a look at some current and historical situations and events that are/were much more survivable (financial and otherwise) for those that took the time to prepare.  For brevity’s sake I have chosen a small sampling of the historical examples available and have chosen not to include many areas of perpetual warfare (Cyprus, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Palestine/Israel, Northern Ireland, etc.). Note:  The links included go to articles or preselected internet searches (to make results more timely) in case you’re interested in doing additional reading on that subject.  For convenience, these examples are listed by continent although many of the events/situations spanned multiple continents. Europe: 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia Rapid fall of the Soviet Empire and post-Soviet Russian Anarchy and Corruption The breakup of Yugoslavia Recent European Rioting France, England, Italy, Russia, Greece, Germany, Ireland Weimar Republic – economic collapse that led to the rise of the National Socialist German’s Worker Party (NAZI) Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Ireland’s 19th century potato famine Fall of the Roman Empire due to internal rot and external ‘Barbarian’ pressure Fall of the Italian City States Anti-Monarchy wars or movements (French Revolution, War of the Roses, etc.) Spanish Civil War Napoleonic Wars World Wars Recent economic collapse of Greece Ottoman Invasion Moorish Invasion of Spain...

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