How Long To Prepare For?

In the article, Introduction to Full Spectrum Preparedness Doctrine we briefly discussed the ten fundamentals of preparedness, how they overlap and interact as well as how each fundamental has four aspects.  Today we’re going to establish some conventions to aid us in our future discussions of how long to prepare for.

I’m working on a probability model (if you’re a mathematician and want to help please contact me) to help those readers that are mathematically inclined chose how long to prepare for…but for today’s discussion we’re going to simplify things a little and talk about preparedness time horizons.  For convenience, I’ve broken the time horizons down into ‘Preparedness Levels.’

While there’s no reason a person, family or group couldn’t prepare to different levels in different fundamentals…you should keep in mind that your overall preparedness level is that of your ‘lowest level’ preparedness fundamental.  For example:  if your family is prepared to Level III, Weeks in every fundamental except Health (where you are prepared to Level I) than your overall preparedness level is Level I, Days.

Aspects of Full Spectrum Preparedness FundamentalsAspects of Full Spectrum Preparedness Fundamentals

Take a look at the graphic to the right to remind yourself of what the aspects of the Full Spectrum Preparedness Fundamental are.  You can review the 10 Fundamentals of Full Spectrum Preparedness HERE if need be or look at the Graphic towards the end of this article..  Keep in mind as you read about the Preparedness Levels that different aspects become more or less dominant at different Preparedness Levels and factor that into your preparedness planning.

Preparedness Level 0, Unprepared

You and your family are unable to get through the next 72 hours without making purchases, borrowing from others or seeking charity.  Perhaps your life sustaining prescription is about to run out, your pantry is almost bare or you don’t have a source of safe, potable water if the tap suddenly stops working. (more…)

Bossidy on Execution – Today’s Quote

Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.

Larry Bossidy


Beatles Tribute Bands and Preparedness

Recently my wife dragged me to a performance by a Beatles Tribute Band.  I’ve never really understood the concept or appeal of tribute bands.  It seems to me the whole reason for being a performer is to create something new or unique.  The idea of a band performing night after night in character…recreating copies of past performances just never made sense to me.  Keep reading to find out what Beatles Tribute Bands and Preparedness have in common.  (more…)

White on World Change, Good Times and Planning – Today’s Quote

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult.

E. B. White

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