Adams on Property, Security and Liberty – Today’s Quote

Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.

President John Adams

Took All As No More Than Their Just Dues – Today’s Quote

From my earliest childhood I have been toiling & wearing my heart out for other people, who took all I could do & suffer for them as no more than their just dues.

Senator John Randolph

Property and Power – Today’s Quote

You cannot divorce property from power.  You can only make them change hands.

Senator and Minister to Russia John Randolph of Roanoke

Holmes on Property – Today’s Quote

When we say that a man owns a thing, we affirm directly that he has the benefit of the consequences attached to certain groups of facts, and, by implication, that the facts are true of him.

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Demarest on Property Rights – Today’s Quote

Property & PeaceA polity that does not formalize ownership rights and duties, especially rights and duties related to land, will not enjoy peace.  Comprehensive, precise and transparent expression of real property is a necessary precondition of peace; places outside the lines of formal property [laws] necessarily slump towards possession by force.  If by the success of a society we mean parallel improvement in freedom, material prosperity and social peace — a trio which together might fairly be called human flourishing — then construction of formal, liberal property regimes and land-use systems is as important as holding elections or prosecuting human rights violators.

Dr. Geoff Demarest in Property and Peace – Insurgency, Strategy, and the Statute of Frauds

Rousseau on Property – Today’s Quote

It should be remembered that the foundation of the social compact is property; and its first condition, that every one should be maintained in the peaceful possession of what belongs to him.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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