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Why Prep, Part 3 Triggers & Stressors

Note from Andrew: The complete Why Prep Series has now been consolidated HERE. Today we present the third article in our series on why to prepare for disaster.  In the first article, ‘Why Prep, The Introduction’ we asked and answered the following question: Question:  Why Prep…why become more self-reliant? Answer:  Because it’s the only reasonable and logical response to an unknown future and even a cursory study of history. In the second article, ‘Why Prep, Historical and Current Examples’ we discussed examples of places and periods where preparedness could have made the difference between survival and suffering (or worse) for you and your family.  In this third installment we’ll discuss stressors and triggers for potential The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) situations. Today we’re going to talk about stressor events and triggers.  A stressor event is an occurrence that has the potential to change a system or society.  Stressor events happen all the time and can vary dramatically in the amount of stress or influence they place on a system.  Some examples of stressor events are election outcomes, legislation, trade wars, disease outbreaks, government spending programs, wars, acts of terror, social movements, development or loss of key infrastructure (like the internet you’re browsing), information releases (like the Watergate scandal) or changes to the physical environment (like drought or natural disasters).  From a societal standpoint, stressors often manifest themselves in multiples and if significant enough disruption occurs…they can create a situation that cascades out of control.  While it’s an overly simplified model think of these stressors from the last century: Germany loses World War I and a large percentage of its reproductive age males War damage and reparations create severe economic hardship Rise of the National Socialism in Germany bringing Adolf Hitler and his Brownshirts to power (were the Brownshirts easier to recruit due to a...

What Keeps The Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense Awake At Night?

Ever wonder what perils and threats keeps senior defense officials up at night?  Well you don’t have to guess anymore what keeps the Department of Defense’ Assistant Secretary for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs (how does that title even fit on a business card?), Paul Stockton up because he told us.  Speaking candidly at the Aspen Security Forum, one defense department official (Stockton) expressed great concern about the possibility of a terrorist attack on the U.S. electric grid that would cause a “long term, large scale outage.” …The concern, Stockton continued, was that America’s adversaries would avoid attacking “the pointy end of the spear,” meaning combat troops, and would instead look for homeland, possibly non-military, targets.“Our adversaries, state and non-state, are not stupid. They are clever and adaptive,” Stockton said. “There is a risk that they will adopt a profoundly asymmetric (including cyberattack) strategy, reach around and attack us home… via DoD official: Vulnerability of U.S. electrical grid is a dire concern – CNN Security Clearance – CNN.com Blogs. Stockton’s worries for the electrical grid weren’t just from terrorism but also from magnetic storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. “According to Stockton, a recurrence of a massive earthquake, like the New Madrid earthquake(s) of (1811 and) 1812, would cause a power outage for weeks to months across a multi-state area, (and) rolling blackouts in the East Coast…” In response to a scenario like this, Stockton told the crowd that the Department of Defense is working with power companies in the Washington area – namely Pepco, Baltimore Gas and Electric and Virginia Dominion – and giving these companies “a new design basis for the grid of the future that takes into account cyber threats and other emerging threats.” via DoD official: Vulnerability of U.S. electrical grid is a dire concern – CNN Security Clearance – CNN.com Blogs.   I...

Bureaucracy Generates World’s Biggest Power Failure

A population nearly twice the size of the U.S. suffering from a bureaucratically ‘generated’ power outage…and they expect it to happen again in the coming days… The world’s largest outage brought 500 trains to a halt, trapped 200 miners for hours, shut down shops and left hospitals in the dark. …Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde blamed the outage on states taking more than their allotted share of electricity. “Everyone overdraws from the grid,” he said. Experts disagreed.”Underinvestment at both the state level and national level has been building as power demand increases,” said Charles Ebinger, director of the Energy Security Initiative at the Brookings Institution. “This is just a colossal case where everything has come home to roost after years of neglect.” India’s power situation is made worse by government actions, such as giving of subsidized or free electricity to favored constituencies that has left power operators in debt and unable to improve the grid. Also, some plants run below capacity because politicians have acceded to pressure from environmentalists not to use coal for fuel. via Second day of India’s electricity outage hits 620 million – USATODAY.com. The biggest power failure in the history of the world…no storm, no mechanical breakdown, just the tragedy of central government planing and half of India’s population is in the dark. Maybe some good will come of it though, Prime Minister Manmahan Singh has pledged to fast track energy projects and introduce free market reforms.  A chief executive who intends to reduce centralized planning and encourage the free market…let’s hope it’s contagious.     FacebookPinterestGoogleRedditTwitterTumblrEmailPrintPocketMoreLinkedInLike this:Like...

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