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Flood or Storm Surge

Everybody Lives on A Floodplain

Floods are currently hitting parts of central Europe that haven’t been flooded in living memory…and then some.  In fact, the water levels in Passau, Germany have topped the highest recorded flood levels ever recorded there…and that was in 1501.  Just another reminder that you must plan for...

Hurricane and Flood Safety Tips

Andrew’s Note:  Today Prepography is offering a repost of an article that originally ran on September 2nd, 2012 called Top 10 After the Hurricane or Flood Safety Tips.  This article includes hurricane and flood safety tips for the aftermath of a devastating event like Superstorm Sandy. Hurricanes and...

Top 10 After the Hurricane or Flood Safety Tips

Hurricanes and floods are dangerous natural disasters.  Once the storm has blown over and the floodwaters have receded dangers still persists.  Here are the Top 10 Safety Tips for After the Hurricane or Flood adapted from the Centers For Disease Control suggestions. 1. Don’t poison yourself or anyone...

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