The Host – Prepography Movie of The Week

I wasn’t a third of the way into The Host: A Novel when I knew something was awry so I Googled the author and discovered that it was written by Stephenie Meyerthe same woman who wrote The Twilight Saga.  I’m not even sure why I finished the book…I was probably too cheap not to attempt to get my money’s worth.  I’m sure there’s a fan base for stories that center primarily on a teenage girl’s inner monolog and angst…but they aren’t for me.

Still, there were elements to the story that I thought were interesting, notably how to survive as a member of an outcast society and the elaborate underground survival shelter that the human survivors developed to stay hidden from the parasitic invaders.  So, based on a recommendation from my daughter and the hope that the main character’s inner monologue wouldn’t transmit to the big screen, I recently watched the movie adaptation of The Host. (more…)

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