Emergency Backup Well Pump

Sue from Mass recently used our contact form to ask for help finding an emergency backup well pump to provide pressurized water to her homestead in the event of a power failure.  Here’s Sue’s question:

Question for Prepography
We live in a rural setting and have a well that’s about 100 feet deep. Is there a way to access the well water from the pipes that come into the house or can you only pump it from outside at the well itself? (in the case of no electricity, of course) I have been unable to find info on this subject online. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

Sue from Mass

 The issues I identified are:

1.  Sue presumably relies on well water daily so there’s already a pump and assembly in place leaving very little space for a backup solution.

2.  Sue has already considered switching to a gravity fed system but doesn’t have enough elevation near her home to easily install a reservoir uphill.

In researching  available solutions I found two possible solutions, the Simple Pump or the FloJak.  Both product lines are made in the U.S. but the FloJak system has some price advantages over the Simple Pump.  As I am far from a master plumber I enlisted the help of FloJak’s president, Corky Baker who was kind enough to provide this explanation: (more…)

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