Prepography Android Application

Prepography Android Application

Main Screen of the Prepography Android Application

Prepography Android Application

Example of the Prepography Android Application’s RSS Feed

Today I’m pleased to announce the release of our first application for Android phones and tablets.  The Prepography

Android Application can be found HERE in the Google Play Store or just search the store for “Prepography.”

The application provides an RSS Feed, a shortcut to the website and shortcuts to our articles on the 10 Fundamentals of preparedness that we describe as Full Spectrum Preparedness.  The application is pretty responsive but the RSS feed option does take a few minutes to load the first time it’s selected.

Prepography Android Application

Sample of Prepography‘s Main Page as Viewed with the Prepography Android Application

The application will be enhanced from time to time as we develop more tools for the preparedness minded so make sure to sign up for the automatic updates.  I’d like to include some checklists as well if I can adapt those I use personally for more generalized use.  Maybe some readers will have some enhancement ideas as well.

Of course we’ll add the Prepography Android Application to our Online Tools Library as well…

I hope this application makes it easier to access the information provided at Prepography.  I almost forgot to mention that the Prepography Android Application, like the website is provided for FREE.  Enjoy!


Additional Online Prepper Tools from Reader SnW

Reader SnW submitted the following online prepper tools for our Online Tools library:

Ammo Price Searches:

  • Ammo Seek:  Ammunition Price Search Engine

Precious Metal Comparison Pricing:

Thanks for the info SnW, we’ve added your tools to the library.

If you see an online tool that would help the Prepography community…please pass it along.

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