CBMint Announces Changes

CBMint Announces Changes

Prepography advertiser CBMint, a bullion sales company recently announced the following changes based on their customer recommendations.

Pay By Check Amount Increased

  • They have just increased the maximum allowable check payment to $50,000.

Bank Wire Amount Increased

  • The allowable maximum for bank wire transfer has also been increased, in this case to $150,000.

The CBMint Bullion Buy Back Program

  • CBMint has launched a bullion buyback program where they buy back gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium bullion from CBMint customers. See CBMint for details.

Base Metals Bullion Products

We have had an increasingly-larger volume of customer questions about different types of bullion metals, so we have elected to offer a selection of these products. Most of the bars and rounds stuck in these metals are very inexpensive. Though we do not anticipate a huge surge in the commodity prices for these metals, they have become increasingly popular among customers, usually as an add-on to a larger gold and silver order. Some of the new metals include:  aluminum, tin, titanium, zinc, nickel, brass, and bronze.

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