Character Assassination – The Newspeak Definition

Character Assassination – The Newspeak Definition

Today we add another term to our Newspeak Dictionary.  In traditional use the term ‘character assassination’ is used to describe untrue slanderous or libelous comments used to intentionally damage someone’s credibility and reputation.

In its modern, Progressive usage the term ‘character assassination’ now includes comments as well as the release of documents, testimony or video which negatively affects the credibility or reputation of someone that our political and media class would rather protect even if the information is true.

A recent example of this is when the Race Industry’s attorney representing Michael Brown, the Missouri teen killed by a local law enforcement officer described the release of a store’s surveillance video (a release that was required under the Freedom of Information Act at the request of a number of journalists) purportedly showing the 300 pound teen committing a strong arm robbery a short time before his fatal interaction with the Ferguson, Mo police.  (Source:  Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source | Fox News)

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