Cogitation: Your Enemy Has A Vote

Cogitation: Your Enemy Has A Vote

Cogitation: “Your Enemy Has A Vote”

Cogitation is concerted thought, reflection, meditation, or contemplation.  “Cogitation” highlights cognitive ideas that cross our paths.  These ideas and thoughts don’t really warrant full articles.  They are important enough to be shared as food for thought before forgotten.

Cogitation: Man Made Conflict

Recently, Ed Turzanski, Co-Chairman of the Center for the Study of Terrorism at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, was on a local morning talk show.  He was discussing the July 17th shoot down of the Malaysian passenger jet over western Ukraine.  The attackers appeared to be the pro-Russian rebels in the area. He was highlighting failures in US foreign policy in regards to the on going conflict.  He framed an idea that I found very simple and profound at the same time.

Paraphrasing, he said, “Your enemy has a vote.  Even if you disengage, your adversary will still be active.  It is better to have some positive control, than to have none at all.”

I can’t help but think that his statement is central to the concept of Full Spectrum Preparedness.  On many different levels it holds true. “Your enemy” doesn’t necessarily have to be a somebody. It can be inaction.  It can be bad government policy. It can even be the entropy created by a SHTF scenario.Cogitation: Natural Disaster

Stay engaged in actively preparing and learning how to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. Stay engaged in the political world around you and your community.  Help craft the decisions that frame your world. Create a mind set of staying engaged when confronted with direct conflict.  Even if your strategy is to disengage on different levels, try to maintain some of control over the situation.

In the end, you would be well served to remember; your enemy DOES have a vote.


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