Cyberattack Vulnerability

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday warned that a popular system used by organizations around the world to manage millions of machines and devices over the Internet is vulnerable to attack from hackers.

The software system… enables corporate, military, health-care and other users to remotely control or monitor medical devices, elevators, video cameras, security systems and a wide array of other sensitive operations.

via Homeland Security warns of hackers targeting popular Niagara software – The Washington Post.

The more complex and inter-related our systems are the more vulnerable they are.  Make sure that you take the time to learn the weaknesses of your automation systems as well as the strengths.  While Iranian nuclear programs and big businesses make attractive targets for cyberattack, small companies are especially vulnerable if they don’t hire or take the time to learn their system’s vulnerabilities and how to protect those systems and the resources/people dependent on them.

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