Diversity Training – A Newspeak Definition

Diversity Training – A Newspeak Definition

Today we add another term to our Newspeak Dictionary.  In previous decades ‘diversity training’ was used to reinforce the laudable idea that all people should be treated with dignity.  Unfortunately, much of the “diversity training industry” has now been hijacked by those with much more extreme agendas.

Diversity Training:  American and Western European equivalent of the Communist re-education camp where problematic thoughts and speech are excised from the attendee.  Originally developed with the intention to train attendees to ‘treat all with dignity’ but now utilized as a ‘Progressive’ vehicle to deter thought crime.  Attendees are regularly taught that the achievements of the ‘majority’ are unearned due to ‘privilege’ and to avoid problematic ideas and speech such as:

  • All lives matter – it’s racist
  • Chairman – it’s sexist
  • Senior citizen – it’s ageist
  • Foreigner – it denigrates those not born ‘here’
  • American – it fails to recognize that the United States isn’t the only country in the Americas

A special thank you to Dr. Walter Williams who suggested the idea that resulted in today’s definition in a recent article.

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One Response to “Diversity Training – A Newspeak Definition”

  1. dhconner says:

    So the Red Queen DID have it right: “A word means what I say it means when I say. It might not mean the same thing the next time I use it.

    (Kindergarten catechism follows below)


    Very good children, very, very good!! Our hero’s are all proud of you! Very, very proud!!

    Now, boys and girls, if you hear anyone say
    bad things about our hero’s, or their ideas, or what we tell you in school, you must immediately inform the TP (Thought Police). Such people are sick, and the TP will take the to a treatment center where we can make them well again. We all want them to get better and always be well, don’t we? So don’t forget, the Thought Police are here to help you and protect you from evil ideas like freedom and democracy. We all know those are bad things, don’t we? Yes, we do!! Very, very good, girls and boys.

    Now, let us say a silent prayer to our heroes and Lord Barack Hussein Obama that their ideas will rule the world and we can all be one huge happy family. And pray that they will help us to make their ideas real, for those are the only truly good ideas. (Much cheering and high-fiving occurs. Some students cry tears of joy and contentment knowing they are serving the Great Leaders.)

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