Do One Thing For Preparedness

Do One Thing For Preparedness

Between work, family, church, more work, and life in general, it can be hard to prepare for hard times.  Both the desire to be prepared and the (ever increasing) need to be prepared is certainly there, but the pressures of life can make it too easy to “do it tomorrow” or put your prepping strategy on the back-burner.  I’m going to tell you how you can do one thing for preparedness and you will soon be well on your way to preparedness and being more self reliant.

A common mistake of many starting preppers is to try to be 100% preparedness right NOW!  It’s not possible.. so relax and start simply.  When people do a serious assessment of their personal and family readiness, it is easy to become frightened and want to feel safe without any delay.

Prepography is a discipline – a marathon, not a sprint!

Yes, given enough money, you can buy a range of supplies  and other goods that will make you feel comfortable or take a bunch of classes to acquire the skills you feel you lack.  Given enough time and money, I could be Batman.  The key is to make your personal preparedness part of your life – a discipline that seems as natural as walking (which you should be doing as well).

Do One Thing for Preparedness Today

So, iPreparedness Foodnstead of going on a mad-dash to stock up for the end of the world, may I suggest doing one thing.  Just one little thing.  Do this one thing for a week until it’s just part of normal activity.  Once it becomes normal, pick another thing that can become part of your normal activities.  Each little step you take to develop your personal and family readiness builds on itself.  You will be growing your preparedness.

Here are a few things that you can do TODAY:

  • At the store, grab a can of food.  Yeah, just a single can.  It doesn’t have to be anything special, but you must set it aside and put it in your emergency storage area (you have one, right?)
  • Take a walk.  Most of us do not take care of ourselves very well.  I little stroll each day is a great way to slowly increase your personal exercise and reduce stress.  Added benefit: As you stroll around your neighborhood, you can be assessing potential threats and movement routes.
  • Look around.  Start developing a situational awareness of your surroundings.  We’re not developing a tactical survival plan here.   Just start playing a mental awareness game. Whenever you’re out in public, do a quick assessment of those around you.  Are they likely threats? Soft targets for predators? Distractions? Start spotting entrances and think about where you might go if things go sideways.
  • For additional ideas pick one item from one of Andrew’s articles, Top 10 Initial Steps to Preparedness or Top 10 Free Steps to Preparedness

Remember, pick just ONE THING and do it until it becomes part of your normal activities.  In time, you’ll be able to look back and be amazed at how all of the one-things contributed to your self reliance and readiness.  Remember to do one thing for preparedness today!

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3 Responses to “Do One Thing For Preparedness”

  1. Each paycheck, buy one box of ammo, and put it by. That way over the course of time, you end up with a nice pile of ammo without breaking the bank or drawing attention to yourself. Even if you do not shoot, ammo could be a good barter item down the pike. It doesn’t go bad. You could also resell it at a gun show if you get hard up for cash, and the price of ammo pretty much only goes up. Good investment.

    Every time you go to the bank or see that your cashier has nickels in a roll, get a roll of nickels. Nickels, until they start debasing them, which will be any minute now, are mostly copper with a nickel plating. It is easier to save them than to sort through pennies. If you need to spend them, they’re already money and only inflation erodes their value if they are used that way. Nevertheless, the copper in them is worth more than their face value. One day they will be as prized as silver dimes. BTW I think they’re going to debase them with steel, so if that’s so, a magnet will sort them out pretty quick.

    Each month or two, develop one way to be more self sufficient/off grid. First would come a drip water filter. Then maybe a garden, if you have land to plant on. Then an alternative way to heat. Then, some lanterns (you can make your own from jars and olive oil). Then maybe a solar panel kit, like at Harbor Freight, and some marine batteries. And so forth.

  2. JRKey says:

    I totally agree with your advice and have recently started doing as such. I would further suggest If one can’t do something of that nature then try spending some time talking about being prepared. Discuss a topic with your spouse or signification other. Go over your plan together, be on the same page. Talk to your kids about it, get the entire family involved. It may not sound like much but it will help a great deal!

  3. You do have a point. When you start doing one little thing each day or each time you go to the store it becomes a positive habit that eventually sticks.


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