Best Emergency Dressing – The Israeli Battle Dressing

Best Emergency Dressing – The Israeli Battle Dressing

Israeli Battle Dressing in PackagingYesterday’s video on the Jackson Family’s First Aid Kit elicited a number of questions.  Most of the questions were about the Israeli Battle Dressing I mentioned as ‘the best’ battlefield dressing or first aid dressing but it really wasn’t shown in the video (it was inside a First Aid Pouch).  I was introduced to Israeli Battle Dressing during pre-deployment first aid training in 2006.  I was impressed with the battle dressing’s simplicity, versatility and effectiveness.

The Israeli Battle Dressing or Emergency Dressing can take the place of several items in your first aid kit and is purportedly the most versatile battlefield or first aid dressing in history.  It comes in 4 & 6 inch sizes and is designed with a sterile wound field (the primary dressing) backed by a sterile elastic bandage (which becomes the secondary dressing) similar to an old fashioned Ace bandages.  On the back side of the sterile wound field is a pressure applicator that allows the dressing to apply up to 30 lbs of direct pressure to the wound once it’s applied.  At the end of the long tail is ‘closure bar’ that allows the dressing to secure itself similar.

Israeli Battle DressingThe dressing’s sterility is assured by a vacuum sealed with two layers of plastic to make sure it stays that way.  In addition to covering the wound and applying direct pressure, the Israeli Battle Dressing can be used to form a sling, immobilize an appendage, secure a splint or even be used almost like a tourniquet using the pressure bar to twist and tighten the dressing.

Because of the innovative design (primarily the pressure applicator) the dressing can be applied one handed which allows for self-aid as well as buddy aid.  The pressure applicator also allows the wounded person or the buddy to take care of other ‘pressing’ needs and reduces the requirement to apply direct pressure by hand.  Because of the length and width of the elastic ‘tails’ on this dressing it can easily and comfortably be applied to wounds on the extremities, abdomen, pelvis or head.

The dressing is now in regular service with the U.S. and foreign militaries, emergency responders and medical professionals.  It is a key component in the U.S. Military’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) which is carried by service members during combat and other operations as well as training exercises.

The Israeli Battle Dressing probably isn’t available at your local store (unless it’s a local tactical store) but is readily available online through Prepography‘s Amazon Store and other vendors.

To learn more about the Israeli Battle Dressing, you can read the packaging (it comes with directions on the plastic packaging) or there are a number of online video demonstrations including this one.

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