This Is How Empires Collapse – Today’s Quote

This Is How Empires Collapse – Today’s Quote

Politicians cannot get this through their head that the economy functions always in anticipation of future events. They are just crazy – although not out of their mind entirely just yet. They can read a script, but they are incapable of understanding the people or math.

These people are simply beyond control. All they can see is the immediate issue to survive day-by-day. They have absolutely zero comprehension of what they are doing and even less understanding of what happens when there is no more money they can raid. Those at the helm of the world need no elite-conspiracy. They are too stupid to have long-term plans beyond 30 days. This is how Empires Collapse – they are following the precise step-by-step guide for total chaos.

Martin Armstrong via What is Your’s Ain’t Yours | Armstrong Economics

Andrew’s Note:  Armstrong is commenting on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s expressed desire to raid British bank accounts and the anticipated bank run that will proceed it.  If you think that wealth confiscations can’t happen in Europe than ask the people of Cyprus.  Makes you a little nervous that we’ve embraced European socialism in the U.S. doesn’t it…

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