Top 10 Firearms Items to Buy NOW

Top 10 Firearms Items to Buy NOW

Renewed calls for increased gun control are gaining ground on the national stage, panic buying is in full swing and hopefully it’s in vain, but I wouldn’t count on it.  If you have the money available and can find deals at reputable local establishments or online I encourage you to do so.  You’ll have to be persistent but there are still buys out there.  Here are the Top 10 Firearms Items to Buy Now:

  1. Modern Military Rifles and Carbines:  You’re taking a risk buying these ‘assault rifles’ now as there is proposed legislation to confiscate these semi-automatic rifles and carbines from private owners.  However, most firearms bans in the past have grandfathered weapons already in private hands.  The rush to pass some form of gun control may force the anti-gun crowd to compromise with a grandfathered law…in which case your modern military rifles will not only be a good Security Preparedness item but also a good Financial Preparedness item as they skyrocket in value.
  2. Full Capacity Long Gun Magazines:  Back in September 2012 we warned that the administration would come after some full capacity magazines.  You can already hear the narrative in the media demonizing ‘high capacity magazines’…how can it be a high capacity magazine if that’s how many rounds the gun was designed to hold.  I imagine that the administration and their allies in Congress will seek to ban magazines with more than five or ten rounds.  I suggest that if you do nothing else, you buy every magazine you’ll ever need for each of your rifles and carbines.  You’ll have to be diligent, they’re sold out most places but the manufacturers have to be ramping up production for the current increased demand.  After much searching I found 30 round AR-15 magazines available from Prepography advertiser Security Pro USA this week…shortly after I placed the order I received a call from the company saying that inventory had run out but they went out of their way to substitute other style of magazine that I was happy to have.
  3. Full Capacity Pistol Magazines:  Same issues as with the rifle magazines except that there aren’t currently as many ‘low capacity’ alternatives as there are for rifles (to comply with hunting laws in many states).  Wouldn’t it be sad to have to feed your Berretta 92 or Glock with 5 round magazines for a defensive situation.  Stock up now!
  4. Ammunition for your primary weapon(s):  The current run on ammunition is reminiscent of the run on ammo in 2008 after President Obama was first elected but the prices don’t seem to have increased as much.  Ammunition will likely never be a better buy than it is now due to inflation and the likelihood that various government entities will try to kill two birds with one stone by punishing ammunition manufacturers and consumers with new taxes or expensive new regulations.
  5. Collapsible Stocks & Pistol Grips for Modern Military Rifles and Carbines:  I wouldn’t have thought about these items if they hadn’t been suggested by Sootch00 in his YouTube Video on this subject but it makes sense.  The gun grabbers who favor ‘assault weapons bans’ are really targeting certain semi-automatic rifles because of the cosmetics and those cosmetics include box fed magazines, collapsible stocks and pistol grips.
  6. Stripped Lower Receiver for AR-15Lower Receivers:  I went looking online for stripped lower receivers (the part of a modern military that’s actually a controlled item) and found several available.  For the price of one rifle now you can pick up a half dozen or more of these and build out your rifles or carbines at a later date.  Confiscation is a risk with lower receivers depending on the outcome of the proposed ‘assault weapons ban.’
  7. .22 Caliber Long Rifle Ammunition:  As mentioned previously, I expect ammunition prices to increase dramatically.  Some jurisdictions have already proposed adding a few cents of tax for every round purchased (which could effectively double the cost of .22 caliber ammunition.  Additionally, many weapons have an adapter that allow them to fire .22 caliber long rifle ammunition so that you can continue to practice with your rifle or pistol for a fraction of the price you’d otherwise spend.  I’m going to pick one up for my AR-15 to go along with my new stock of .22 ammunition.
  8. Reloadable Brass for Primary Weapons:  One of my failed New Year’s goals for 2012 that’s going to get rolled over for 2013 is to begin reloading for my primary weapons.  If there are new taxes on ammunition, don’t expect the tax man to overlook the do it yourselfers.  You’ll likely be able to purchase reloading equipment without trouble or a great deal of expense, but you might save yourself a great deal of money by purchasing this reusable supply now.
  9. Primers and Powder:  Although not reusable you should stock up on primers and powder for the same reasons.  Just make sure to handle and store according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  10. National Rifle Association and/or Gun Owners of America Membership:  The liberalization of firearms laws in recent years has coincided with a dramatic decrease in violent crime (sorry Chicago…this doesn’t apply to you yet as your gun regulations still assure that only the criminals are armed), if we’re not going to go back to the bad old days when the criminals could count on the average citizen being defenseless we must band together for our mutual protection.  Bonus Read from one of the nation’s premier universities:  Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder & Suicide?

Final Thoughts

AR-15 Crossed RiflesAlthough there will likely be firearms still available for purchase for the foreseeable future in the U.S., you should take steps if you have or want to ever have a modern military firearm or a semi-automatic pistol that holds more than five rounds .  If you do nothing else, purchase what you’ll need for the firearms you currently own…especially magazines!  Patronize your locally owned firearms and sporting goods stores (but only those sporting goods stores fully supportive of your Second Amendment freedoms) or one of Prepography‘s advertisers or affiliates.

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