No Flocking Disarmament – Today’s Quote

No Flocking Disarmament – Today’s Quote

It becomes apparent at times that some in the Flock do not, or will not differentiate between Sheepdog and Wolves. To the dismay of Sheepdogs and the joy of Wolves, we are equated in the minds of some Sheep. These Sheep loudly proclaim our teeth are the same and wholly devoid of intent or motive. This fear and hatred of teeth and the pain they can cause are seen as the source of suffering within the Flock.

Malevolence becomes the same as Benevolence. The urge to protect becomes no different than the desire for control. Solutions to end the suffering are proposed: the forcible removal of fangs and claws. The Flock becomes divided and Sheep begin to distrust the Sheepdogs in their midst.

As a Sheepdog (and as a trained adviser), I would like to remind the Sheep in this Flock that forcibly removing the teeth of your protectors without eliminating the teeth of your destroyers will ultimately result in a loss of peace and inevitably, the bitter taste of Malevolence.

Also, consider the “How?” behind this plan: we Sheepdogs will not willingly part with the tools of our trade. Few of us would willingly allow Sheep to simply remove the same teeth which defend our Flock, unless forced through the application of violence. Though I do not know any Sheepdogs who would willingly defang their brethren, I can’t think of any Wolves who would not rejoice at the sight of fang-less Sheepdogs.

Only Wolves would willingly enforce such a plan. Woe to any Flock who would knowingly employ Wolves to defang the Sheepdogs. Such a Flock would be cursed to living under fear and ‘power through violence’ will become the new order of the day.

U.S. Army Veteran Blake Miles via Responding to the Wolves | SOFREP

Andrew’s Note:  If you missed the animal references check out Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman’s famous essay On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs.  

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