Food with a Face (home delivery edition)

Food with a Face (home delivery edition)

Andrew’s Note:  Today we present another article by guest writer, Jay (Just Jay).  Jay is a combat veteran, a knowledge manager by day and serial inventor by night.  He’s had a number of interesting jobs through the years including collecting war trophies (like armored personnel carriers) in Iraq and a stint as a confidence course manager at a facility that used physical activity to build confidence in welfare recipients… to encourage them to work their way out of poverty.  Yeah, that worked.  Jay brings a sense of humor to everything he does including this discussion food security and hunting.  Enjoy.

Greetings and good day, Prepographians!  I come to you today with a video (ooh, shiny!) and a mindset check – particularly for your family.

One of the primary issues in your self-reliance efforts is food security.  The problem is that your closet full of Spam® will only last until it doesn’t.  After you run short, or the situation requires additional food supply, you will have to acquire more food.  This very likely will including hunting.

No, Mom!  Don’t kill Bambi!

One of the problems, if things go badly, is that a large majority of the population has had the luxury of their meat appearing magically in Styrofoam trays.  Forget the issue of actually hunting for food – many have intentionally distanced themselves from the knowledge that their primary nutrient sources at one time had a face. Compounding this is a never-ending stream of cartoons in which animals very often wear waistcoats and have heartfelt back-stories.  I bring this up only to remind all of us that in difficult times, you will have to provide sustenance for your family.  The distancing of our culture from its food sources will make it difficult to utilize all available protein providers.

To counter this, start early!  Take your kids hunting.  Teach them that, while beautiful (and even ugly) animals should not be abused, they are in fact all on the menu.

For your consideration, I present this video.  As you watch, consider these points:

  1. How do they react to a large animal (potentially dangerous if frightened) in their shelter?
  2. Do they view the animal as a friend/pet or as a resource/threat?
  3. If there any mention of a dinner bell?


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