Four New Online Resources

Listed below are four new online resources that have been added to our Online Preparedness Tools & Resources PageIf you see something, say something…no I’m not talking about the Department of Homeland Security’s anti-terror campaign…I’m talking about if you see a great online preparedness tool…say something to me though my Contact Page so I can include it in the Online Preparedness Tools & Resources Page.

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One Response to “Four New Online Resources”

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    A great “preparedness tool”. If you live in a state where they intend to register and/or confiscate your “assault weapon” here is an idea. Find someone unknown to you who has a similar or identical gun and you seel him yours and he sells you his. Then when/if the gungrabbers demand you register or turn in your gun you can honestly say you sold it and do not know the name or other info of the buyer. Period, end of conversation. Perhaps gun shops could help in this with bulliten board posts etc.

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