Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Who are you?

  • My name is Andrew J. Jackson (no relation) and I’m the publisher, researcher, editor and chief bottle washer for this site.  See my About Me Page for more information.

Is Andrew J. Jackson your real name?

What’s this website all about?

  • It’s a specialty lifestyle website assisting individuals and families to become more self-reliant.  By becoming more self-reliant and encouraging others to do the same we will build more resilient communities, states and nations.  Government policy and societal norms can both encourage or retard local, regional and individual self-reliance…for these reasons I also comment on social, economic, policy and liberty issues.

I’m new to this whole prepping/self-reliance thing…where do I get started?

  • There are a number of outstanding web resources but you likely started a long time ago without knowing it.  If you’re like me you grew up with your grandparent’s stories of surviving the Great Depression, your parents stories about surviving a natural disaster, or maybe you’ve lived through one yourself.  Many of us are also old enough to remember the Cold War and civil defense drills (no I’m not old enough to remember ‘duck & cover’ drills).  If nothing else you’ve seen natural disaster and apocalyptic fiction and thought…’why’s the character doing that…that’s stupid…he/she should be…’  On the Prepography website a good place to start would be with our Why Prep Page and our Top 10 Initial Steps to Preparation Post.

Why do you have sharing icons on your articles when you blog about Stealth Prepping?

  • Two reasons:
    1. You have to reach people where they are…and that means social networks and referral mechanisms.
    2. The better prepared everyone else is…the better prepared you and I are.
  • Sad to say, but as preparedness has gone mainstream an interest in preparedness no longer seems to translate into actual preparedness…many merely have a voyeristic interest in the subject.  That being said you should keep your preparations to yourself and practice what I call Stealth Prepping.

 Why do you have advertising?

  • Our partnership with Amazon, and our other advertisers helps offset the publishing costs and costs related to purchasing products for review.  Purchase products locally if possible, but if you are going to order online…consider doing so through our store to help support our efforts.  There’s no additional cost to you and our advertisers pay us a small commission.  If you are interested in purchasing advertising contact us for us to discuss suitablity for our readers and rates.

Will you link to my website?

  • Maybe.  Send me a link on my contact page and I’ll be happy to see what your website has to offer my readers.  If it covers a related topic I may contact you about reciprocal links.

Do you accept articles from guest writers?

  • Yes we do if it’s your original content, it hasn’t been published elsewhere before and is pertinent to our readership.  Remember our focus is on individual/community self-reliance, preparedness and liberty issues (which allows us the freedom to pursue self-reliance).
  • At this point we are more interested in guest writers looking to provide a series of interrelated articles or a periodic column as a subject matter expert than in single articles but we will keep our minds open if the material sounds of interest to our readers & subscribers. Subject matter experts in law enforcement, disaster planning/CERT, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Attack/Terrorism), medicine or first aid, permaculture, small-scale homesteading, small-scale energy production (or off-grid living), food preservation, reloading or firearms training should consider adding to the conversation.  Potential Columnists should contact us with their ideas and a writing sample if they have one handy.  Guest writer/Columnists can provide content on a periodic, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  Individual writer’s pages will be developed following the third (accepted) submission.
  • Writers who have a regular following at another website or publication are welcome to submit single articles on pertinent topics

How do I ask you a question?

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