Green Beret Says Prep

Green Beret Says Prep

The only blog I pay to subscribe to, SOFREP is run by a group of Special Operations veterans and features great news stories, (recent) history stories, commentary and analysis.  Recently they updated a short article by one of my favorite authors on the site, Blake Miles called ‘It Has Begun’ in which the Green Beret says prep.

If you and your family is not prepared for disaster and war, you should really, really, get your head in the game… like yesterday.  US Army Special Forces Veteran Blake Miles via Best of SOFREP: It Has Begun… | SOFREP

In the article, Miles describes what he feels was our modern Archduke Ferdinand moment and there’s no doubt that the world is devolving a number of anti-American and anti-Western factions with massive economic and increasing military power as we abdicate our position as a world leader and eviscerate our military strength.  The comment in this short article that chilled my blood was Mile’s vision of a ‘night of 1000 jackals’ for having experienced Washington D.C. during the sniper attacks in October 2002…I have long imagined what would happen if hundreds or God forbid thousands of John Mohammads and Lee Malvos descended on Main Streets across America.

It’s especially concerning now that we no longer feel the need to secure our borders.  The Green Beret says prep…and beware the night of 1000 jackals!

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