Guns Don’t Believe In You Either

Guns Don’t Believe In You Either

What’s the proper response when someone tells you “I don’t believe in guns?”  You know you should just walk away and not (verbally) engage…but why not have a little fun… maybe you’re bored… some times it’s just fun to poke the bear.  I used to ask the person if he or she “believed in hammers and screwdrivers” but usually just got a blank stare.  It’ no fun if you have to explain “they’re all tools, lady.”

The past year or so I’ve switched my response…when someone goes out to their way to tell me “I don’t believe in guns” my response is “that’s O.K., guns don’t believe in you either.”  and then I walk away.  It’s just a waste of everyone’s time to try to educate an unwilling student.

Maybe someday my enigmatic response will prompt the recipient to request additional information.  If so I think I’ll lead with:  “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.”  I’ll follow that up with an eloquent version of “God made man but Samuel Colt made all men equal” tailored to my listener.

If I can tell that I haven’t yet won over my audience I’ll try this empathetic approach with a poignant ending…”it’d be nice if we could all just get along… but as long as criminals can veto your peace plan you should learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Sig Sauer 229 PistolI know that guns are an emotional issue for many and it’s hard to sway emotion with something as pedestrian as logic but on occasion it works.  I just don’t put in the time anymore on this issue unless I really care for the person.

If you have a gun free home, I hope someone cares enough about you to discuss armed self defense and how firearms skills are more important* than the firearms themselves.  If not, then guns don’t believe in you either.

* Without the skill and willingness to defend your family your firearms are a liability 

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