Hagel on Nuclear Superiority and Ploughshares

Hagel on Nuclear Superiority and Ploughshares

Chuck Hagel, Board Member Ploughshares FundIt looks like former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel may become our next Secretary of Defense. 

Whenever I hire anyone at the office I do a little research into their background including an internet search. 

The U.S. Secretary of Defense is intrusted with securing and maintaining our country’s nuclear arsenal and nuclear superiority…so I was a little curious when an internet search for Chuck Hagel turned up board membership in an organization called Ploughshares.

Hagel appears to still be a member of the Board of Directors of Ploughshares Fund Partners.  Here’s how Ploughshares Fund describes it’s funding priorities on their website:

Ploughshares Funding Priorities

Ploughshares Fund partners with the most promising efforts to realize the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons.

We give grants that:

  • Promote the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Building a consensus among the world’s leaders creates a global norm against nuclear weapons and increases the momentum toward zero. Along the way, concrete steps to limit and reduce current arsenals must be realized as well.
  • Prevent the Emergence of New Nuclear States. We focus on the two most significant threats to the global nonproliferation regime – Iran and North Korea. We believe that, though difficult, solutions are possible through effective diplomacy and engagement grounded in well-informed and strategic analysis. Ploughshares Fund is investing significant resources over the next year on a special Iran Campaign that will promote non-military solutions to the Iran case.
  • Build Regional Peace and Security. South Asia represents perhaps the most dangerous region on earth given the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan and the fact that both nations possess substantial nuclear arsenals. Our investments support fact-finding missions, on-the-ground analysis, high-level dialogue, confidence-building measures, policy advocacy and media outreach to advance the transformation of conflicts in South and Southwest Asia.
  • We also amplify and coordinate the work of our grantees to
  • Develop winning strategies that push forward the vision of a nuclear-weapons free world
  • Bring together experts, analysts, lobbyists and activists to create and win shared campaigns
  • Build a bipartisan legislative consensus for eliminating nuclear weapons
  • Expand the public’s knowledge and catalyze public support for the elimination of nuclear weapons

via Funding Priorities | Ploughshares Fund.

Kinda makes you wonder what Hagel’s priorities will be as Secretary of Defense… and what kind of background we’ll want for other cabinet officers…here are some recommendations for the President for filling out his second term cabinet.

  • Secretary of Energy:  Probably an Amish guy
  • Secretary of State:  We know we’re getting former senator John Kerry…but shouldn’t we be looking for an isolationist
  • Secretary of the Treasury:  Let’s stop looking for bankers and economists…it’s not working for us anyway…let’s find someone who’s had a lot of money and gone bankrupt…maybe a former celebrity like MC Hammer, Nicholas Cage or Dana Plato.
  • Attorney General:  Law degrees are over-rated…let’s find someone like Michael Vick who’s seen the justice system from the other perspective
  • Secretary of Agriculture:  Definitely need the expertise of a New York City banker for the Department of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Commerce:  We really need to consider an academic for this role…businesspeople are so over-rated.  How about sociology professor like Dr. Frances Fox Piven
  • Secretary of Labor:  We’ve had business leaders and those from the union backgrounds…let’s find someone with no previous work experience for this position…that’s definitely the way to go!
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services:  We’ve been selecting actual humans for this role…I’m thinking it’s time to nominate an iguana.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development:  I’m thinking we should go with a hermit for this position…you know that guy who lives alone in a cave up in the mountains.
  • Secretary of Transportation:  Don’t you think it’s about time we pick an agoraphobic for Secretary of Transportation…he/she would be the first Transportation Secretary that needs no transportation
  • Secretary of Education:  Education is mandatory most places through the eighth grade so the best we can do here is probably appointing a ninth grade dropout.
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs:  We’ve gone with guys like war hero, wounded warrior and retired Secretary of the Army General Eric Shinseki in the past…I’m thinking it’s about time for a Secretary of Veterans Affairs like Jane Fonda or the “American Taliban,” John Walker Lindh.  We need someone who know’s what it’s like to support the enemies of the U.S.
  • Secretary of Homeland Security:  We’ve had Big Sis…now it’s time for someone who will really take the job seriously like the Paris Hilton.

What do you think about my nominations?  What about the Secretary of the Interior and who do you think should run the Small Business Administration?

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