Hermitage Update

Hermitage Update

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around The Hermitage that necessitated a short break from writing and editing.  Thought I’d bring you a Hermitage update.

  • Completed our move to The Hermitage, our full time retreat
  • Completed construction on our workshop
  • Completed half of our trim carpentry in the house
  • Installed a doggie door for daughter #3’s pet…still haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to hunt with a purse dog
  • Finished up some light fixture installations in the house
  • Built food storage area in the house to expand the pantry
  • General cleanup both around the house and the workshop…salvaged a lot of materials for future projects
  • First deer hunt on the hermitage
  • Went shooting with son-in-law #1 and new extended family
  • Hosted daughter #1 and son-in-law for a week

On top of all that we celebrated Thanksgiving and married off daughter #2 to a great guy who I’m proud to call son-in-law #2.  What the new son-in-law lacks in practical skills he makes up for in common sense and being willing to lend a hand…not to mention that he treats my daughter like a princess and is a hell of a good shot…both great survival skills.

What a great few weeks!  Back to our regular schedule later this week!

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