Thanks for your interest in advertising on Prepography.
Prepography is focused on preparedness and encouraging self reliance.  We’re looking for advertising partners who’s goods and services match our readers interests.
Here’s how our advertising program works:
  • Rates are set per 260×260 ad space (double price for double height, etc.) but we also have a single 480×80 banner ad that appears at the top of every page.
  • Ads run in the right hand margin on home page/default for other pages not listed below or by categories:
    • Full Spectrum Preparedness Doctrine pages (Read this if you want an Introduction to Full Spectrum Preparedness)
      • Security Preparedness:  Those items, knowledge and skills necessary for your family and provision’s security.  Includes all aspects of security including, but not limited to physical (barriers), operational (stealth, keeping a low profile) as well as self defense items and skills.
      • Shelter & Clothing Preparedness:  Shelter, clothing and those items and skills necessary to protect you from the elements.
      • Health (Personal), Fitness and Medicine Preparedness:  This fundamental includes everything needed to keep you and your family healthy that’s not more appropriate to another fundamental.  Including, but not limited to the skills and stuff related to first aid, necessary medicines, sanitation and of course fitness.
      • Transportation Preparedness:  Those skills and items necessary to support your family’s preparedness needs.  This may be the wheelbarrow you require to haul water or the vehicle you plan to use to bug out.
      • Family & Community Support:  These are the family and community networks and ties that keep you sane, focused and help you plug any holes you discover in your preps after it’s too late.
      • Food Preparedness:  Food storage, food preparation and the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire food and keep yourself fed.
      • Financial Preparedness:  These are your savings, stored wealth and the skills that allow you to ‘make a living’ even in the toughest times (think barter-able skills in a worst case scenario).
      • Water Preparedness:  Water storage, water purification and the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire safe, potable water as well as safe water for sanitation purposes.
      • Communications Preparedness:  Those skills and items necessary to maintain communications within your family or group as well as with the outside would.
      • Cognitive, Mental & Spiritual Preparedness:  This is the most important fundamental.  This fundamental incorporates the ‘will to live’ the ability to adapt and the strength that comes from believing in a higher power.
    • Bug Out Bag page
    • Other category or tag based pages available by advertiser request
  • All ads subject to our approval to make sure they complement and don’t distract from Prepography‘s content
  • Discounts apply if purchasing multiple ads
  • Ads run for a minimum of 6 months (3 months for our single banner ad) and rates are locked in based on the traffic when contracting (readership is going up so lock in early)

Finally, we value both our reputation and our advertisers’.  We don’t ‘police’ our advertisers but if we receive substantive negative feedback from our readers on a particular advertiser we will cancel the ad(s) and return advertising fees on a pro-rata basis.

I had an inquiry recently about trading store credit for advertising space…sure we’ll consider it…just ask.

Contact us for rates and additional information.

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