Grumpy G – Author Bio

Grumpy G – Author Bio

Grumpy G. is still on the young side of middle age.  He takes great pride in the fact that he’s been married to the same woman for over 20 years and with whom he’s raised their 2 children.

Grumpy GA large portion of his life has been spent in, and around the military.  Both as a graduate of a national ranked military academy’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC) and later as a Marine.  His first formal military training was at the age of 16 when he attended a 3 week JROTC Summer Camp at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Later, in the mid 1980’s, he spent the summer after high school attending the U.S. Army’s ROTC training at Fort Knox, Kentucky in preparation for entering the Army’s Early Commissioning Program where he excelled to the point that he was offered an Army scholarship to attend university.

Rather than continuing immediately with  the commissioning process, Grumpy chose to spend a year as a red-shirted Freshman playing football with a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Division 1 school before returning to the military academy to continue his education.  After discovering what he euphemistically calls the “joys of cannabis and other mind altering substances,” he parted ways with the Army’s ROTC program.

Over the next few, somewhat rudderless years  Grumpy gained valuable experience in how to scratch out a living with hard work and few skills.  After a particularly comical exchange with an employer he found himself unemployed, slightly inebriated after drowning his sorrows and in front of a recruiting office late one night where the only service recruiter still working was the U.S. Marine.

Having grown up in a family proud to claim four generations of Marines, it seemed like providence.  The recruiter loved Grumpy G from the start as Grumpy G must have been the easiest ‘sell’ of the recruiter’s career.  Shortly afterward Grumpy was on his enlisted and on his way to Boot Camp.  For some reason the Marine Corps decided to train him as a computer operator, and over the next ten years he held various Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) mostly within the Information Technology (IT) field which was still in its infancy in those days.

After that first enlistment Grumpy G transferred to Marine Corps Security Forces and life became even more interesting.  After undergoing training at Mare Island Naval Yard, he was stationed aboard one of the last conventional carriers in San Diego.  At the time, the on-board Marine Detachment’s primary mission was security of Special Weapons (nuclear) and their components.  The job focused on local/vessel security, terrorist threats and procedures for dealing with broken or missing special weapons.  Then President George H.S. Bush sent down the order that Special Weapons were to be removed from U.S. naval vessels except submarines which left a number of Marine Corps Detachments without a mission.  Grumpy G’s Detachment participated in a pilot program for a new mission where they preformed cross deck vessel boarding for search and seizure (VBSS).  This was in the time prior to the official creation of the specialized Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable (MEU SOC) units, and Grumpy’s detachment was one of the first Marine elements, outside of the long standing Marine SOC community to perform such duties.  In addition to the VBSS missions the detachment was trained for pilot recovery as depicted in the final scenes of the movie Behind Enemy Lines, refugee evacuation from hostile environments, as well instructing Naval personnel in marksmanship and security techniques.  While serving in the detachment Grumpy G was selected for a number of leadership roles including  Corporal of the Guard, Assistant Section leader, M-60 Machine Gun Crew Chief, M2 Machine Gun Maintenance Instructor, Designated Marksman Team Lead, and Prisoner of War Team Lead.

After Sea Duty Grumpy G, with his new wife, a Navy brat herself, in tow were transferred the Marine Barracks at 8th and I in Washington D.C.  In addition to the ceremonial duties all Marines stationed there undertake he once again assumed the duties of computer operator with the addition of instructor duties.

After the birth of their first child Mr. and Mrs. G decided it was time to explore life outside the service due to the time commitments of twice weekly parades from May to October (which typically required duty to last until 2A.M.) and the prospect of even longer deployments away from the family once transferring duty stations.  Grumpy G moved his growing family back to his home town in fly-over country where they soon welcomed their second child into the family.

The last two decades he has built a successful civilian career in IT as well as become born again though he continues to describe himself as a ‘terrible Christian most days.’

Grumpy G has always seen the sense in living a prudent self reliant  life-style but readily admits that he failed to live up to his ideal until about a decade ago.  He describes his politics as Constitutional Republican with a hard classical liberal “NOT PROGRESSIVE” bent.

With the accelerated erosion of our freedoms over the last 20-25 years he has decided not only to start becoming more prepared and self sufficient but also to spread the word.  Even after a decade of committed preparedness he still claims to feel woefully unprepared but takes some solace in the fact that his family’s stance is better than about 95% of the country.

Grumpy G says his philosophy can be summed up as:

  • Keep your eyes fixed on your goal
  • Be aware of your environment; it WILL affect you whether you want it to, or not
  • The small stuff will get you before the big stuff has a chance to
  • Strive for community, with out surrendering yourself to it
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you
  • And live today like no other, so that in the future you can live like no other (which he admits that he appropriated from Dave Ramsey)

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