Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans

Today we welcome Tom Jones of Land O’Lakes Florida to the Prepography Wall of Honor for honoring our veterans.  When Tom learned that his fellow veterans were being buried in cardboard boxes instead of urns he enlisted his  woodcrafting club and they began crafting wooden urns to honor these fallen comrades.  The urns vary in size, construction and type of wood but all have the same inscription stamped into the bottom “A Place To Rest Honoring Our American Hero Veteran.”

 …“It’s our hope that we’ll get woodworking clubs around the country to do this,” he said…It takes Jones a day to make two urns.

 He does it with care.

 He cuts the sides of the boxes with a router, creating four interlocking pieces that fit snuggly together like a zipper. The top glues on. The remains are put in the box through the bottom, which is then screwed tight. He spray lacquers the whole box.

 via Woodworkers give veterans proper burials – Army Times

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