How to Cross a Wall During WROL

How to Cross a Wall During WROL

Today we present our second tip in a series taken from the U.S. Army’s FM 21-75, Basic Combat Skills Appendix D, Urban Areas.  This manual is Approved for Public Release and provides a great deal of useful information for the prepper forced to move through urban or built up areas following a breakdown in the rule of law which is sometimes called without rule of law or WROL.  Today’s tip will help you learn how to cross a wall during WROL.


How to Cross A Wall during WROL

Always cross a wall rapidly. But first, find a low spot to cross and visually reconnoiter the other side of the wall to see if it is clear of obstacles and the enemy.  Next, quickly roll over the wall, keeping a low silhouette. The rapid movement and low silhouette keep the enemy from getting a good shot at you.

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