How To Move In A Building During WROL

How To Move In A Building During WROL

Today we present our seventh tip in a series taken from the U.S. Army’s FM 21-75, Basic Combat Skills Appendix D, Urban Areas.  This manual is Approved for Public Release and provides a great deal of useful information for the prepper forced to move through urban or built up areas following a breakdown in the rule of law which is sometimes called without rule of law or WROL.  Today’s tip will help you learn how to move in a building during WROL.  I have edited today’s tip for ease of reading but haven’t changed the information provided (or eliminated annoying redundancies).


Window Movement

When moving in a building, do not silhouette yourself in doors and windows.   Move past them as discussed for outside movement.

Hallway Movement

If forced to use a hallway, do not present a large target to the enemy.  Hug the wall and get out of the hallway quickly [Andrew’s Note:  Don’t hug concrete or brick walls too closely as bullets tend to travel along hard walls]


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