The Party’s Over?  Does Immigration Reform Make Sense?

The Party’s Over? Does Immigration Reform Make Sense?

Pretend you’re in high school for a minute and let’s have a party.  Let’s invite our friends and the kids our age in the neighborhood.  We’re going to be careful though and just invite people we know are level headed and won’t make trouble because we don’t want any police calls to the house.  Also, we have to limit the number of party goers so that we have enough bratwursts, beverages and party favors for everyone.

Unfortunately, because we’re having the party in our backyard it’s just too easy for party crashers to waltz in and help themselves to our limited number of bratwursts, beverages and party favors so let’s get together a group, oh let’s say a gang of eight of our friends to develop a plan for dealing with the party crashers.

Our little gang of eight friends that we’ll let all the party crashers stay in exchange for a promise that they won’t break any more rules in the future (just because they broke rules to crash the party doesn’t mean they won’t follow our other party rules now that they’re here, right?) and an agreement that we’ll really, truly secure the property to keep any additional party crashers from coming in at some point in the near future (at this point all the party crashers get on their cell phones and tell their buddies not to wait and crash the party before it’s too late).

Border PatrolAlso, because this is a party for folks from our neighborhood and school (let’s call our school ‘US School) we’re going to have our buddies who have promised they’ll really, truly, guard the perimeter of the party now keep an eye out for jerseys indicating the newest party crashers aren’t from our rival school (we don’t want any fights to break out after all…let’s call our rival school ‘Not US School’).  Unfortunately our gang of eight friends steps in again and tells our buddies on security that just because someone is wearing a jersey from ‘Not US School’ doesn’t mean that they’re up to no good and our security buddies must be blind to what jersey a possible party crasher or patron is wearing.  Don’t let that rival jersey give you a hunch that they’re a party crasher that needs to be escorted to the door after all…that would make too much sense.

Now I know that U.S. immigration policy is much more complex than our little analogy but some of the actions we’ve taken and are proposing make about as much sense as the way our little party was being managed.  I don’t see how rewarding rule breakers will resort in anything more than more rule breaking.  I seem to remember this exact same national dialog right down to amnesty for those illegal immigrants and pledges of increased border security back in the Carter administration.

An early version of our new immigration bill even prohibited our immigration officials from profiling based on National Origin….think about that for a minute…our elected officials wanted our border and immigration officials to focus equally on all people entering the country not focusing on those from other countries or countries known to support/tolerate criminality or terrorism.  I think our law enforcement personnel should be encouraged to use their intuition to focus more heavily on the 22 year old Pakistani man who grew up in Northwest Pakistan (a jihadi and Taliban stronghold) coming across the Mexican border than the Sorority Girl from Atlanta returning from spring break.  The ‘final’ version of the bill does include prohibitions against Federal agents profiling by race or ethnicity but thankfully pulled the ‘national origin’ prohibition.

I’m all for immigration.  Our country’s success is built on luring away the best, brightest and hardest working of the rest of the world…let’s do that…but make sure that they’re willing to operate within our laws, rules and the social compact.

We’ve got a brand new 1,600 page immigration bill…let’s hope it makes more sense than early indications would lead us to believe so that the party isn’t over… after all, when the Border Agents have to sue their own government/employer to get permission to enforce the laws…there’s something wrong.

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